14 Gorgeous Natural Hairstyles for our Naturalista Brides

When we go to the hair salon, it can take forever to decide on the right hairstyle, especially when you have a lot of versatility with natural hair. Having a beautiful hairstyle for your wedding day is a must. It is an essential part of your bridal look. Whether you opt for an elegant updo or stylish braids, your hair sets the tone for your bridal look. We've rounded up some of our favorite natural hairstyles for our naturalista brides, that are all different styles and designs. We hope these 14 gorgeous natural bridal hairstyles inspire you!

Photographer: Mark Clark Photographers / Featured here

Photographer: Sophia Barrett Studios /Featured in Munaluchi Bridal Magazine

Photographer: Alea Lovely/ Featured on Munaluchi Bride's Website

Photographer: Amanda Olivia Photography

Photographer: Xavier Saer / Featured here

Photographer: Sophia Barrett Studios

Credit: Hushed Commotion

Photographer: Life Like Ruby

Photographer: Ashley Canay

Photographer: Joao Saer

Photographer: Chi Chi Ari Photography

Photographer: Stanlo Photographer / Featured here

Photographer: Petronella Photography / Featured here

Photographer: Judah Avenue Photography

Which one of these styles appeals to you?

  1. Francine

    Beautiful styles. I love the natural look. I can’t pick a favorite. They are all gorgeous.

  2. Deb

    Wow! I love these styles!! As someone who has been natural for quite a few years, I am really enjoying the versatility of natural hair styles. It’s great to see how far we have come in embracing our natural hair!

  3. Fallon Brodsky

    This was a great article very well written super informative!

  4. Ebony

    Awesome article! So nice to have some options that don’t involve straightening your hair for special events.

  5. Taylor Perkins

    Great article! it highlights a topic that is not often talked about… NATURAL HAIR ON A WEDDING DAY!! Great styles

  6. Tiyonna Ashby-Jones

    When I was planning my wedding it was so hard for me to pick a hair style. It is an essential part of how you will present yourself to your husband. I wanted everything about me to be flawless. When it comes to having natural hair I know it is hard for those women to pick hair styles. Not only is it hard but you have to find a hair stylist who is good with styling natural hair which isn’t easy. I love all these suggestions for brides who are natural that may need ideas when it comes to choosing a hair style for their wedding.

  7. christine johnson

    The hairstyles are very beautiful and inspirational very Good article for those that intend to get married or those that are in a wedding .

  8. Candace

    I’ve always been on the fence about wearing my natural hair out for my wedding, but there are definitely some do-able looks! Awesome photos + article.

  9. Kristin Leah

    I am an advocate for natural hair! I found myself on the fence when thinking about wedding hair-do’s and dont’s, but this was so helpful! The pictures are beautiful and a great representation of us natural hair women!

  10. Khadijah Thompson

    I never really wanted to wear my natural hair but this is so inspiring for me to try and wear my hair.The ladies in the article is beautiful and their hair is awesome !!

  11. June Evans

    Very very impressive. I love the outfit as a whole and the jewelry, hair, and headdress piece brings everything together eloquently. 🙂

  12. Maxine McB

    A great article and long overdue. Focus is usually on everything but your hair which is oh so important and is the crown of the entire wedding attire and completes your outfit. It’s so refreshing to see new wedding hair options that are both natural and very elegant for that special day. Kudos

  13. Joy

    Thank you for this article and for pointing out that there are many versatile natural styles that can crown the beauty of brides. These are lovely!

  14. Basha

    This is such a great read! Thank you for sharing your insights, these hairstyles are beautiful for such memorable occasion.

  15. Cheryl

    It”s wonderful to find an article that focuses on the beauty and versatility for natural hairstyles. Very inspirational and refreshing.

  16. Gina Marie

    So many beautiful hairstyles! I loved seeing how natural hair can be so versatile, elegant, and chic! I’ll be getting married soon and might use one of these styles as inspiration. Great article.

  17. Samone

    All the hairstyles are gorgeous makes me wanna try some natural hair styles but my hair won’t act right. Lovely ladies and congratulations!


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