15 Creative Ways to Ask Your Girls to Be Your Bridesmaids

Your other half has finally asked you to be his wife. You're excited, anxious, and just plain giddy. It's time to plan the wedding of your dreams but you can't do it without your best girls by your side. Though the 21st century has afforded us the luxury of sending text messages, asking your girls to be your bridesmaids should be done with finesse, fun, and creativity. If you're stumped on how to ask your besties to be your maids for the big day, don't worry we've got a few suggestions. Check out 15 creative ways to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids.

Take a lesson from your man and put a ring on it! Nothing says friendship like an old-fashioned ring pop. Make a custom ring box with fun stuffing and the big question inside. Who can say no to that?
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Another fun DIY option, these mini boxes from Ashley Thunder Events play up the element of surprise. 
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Set the tone for your chic and polished wedding day with a cute gift box with a few things you know your girls will love.
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It's a celebration! Hand your girls these fun confetti push-ups and let's get this party started!
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Take it back to elementary school with these craft style boxes from Mod Party. Add a few wedding survival items and present them to your best girls. 
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This is only for the patient bunch. Design a cute and fun puzzle you know your future maids will love. Not only is it a creative way to pop the question, it's also a great indicator of how each girl will deal with your sometimes demanding requests. 
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If your crew's idea of a good time includes pinot grigio then these custom wine bottles is the option for you.
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Make it a party: Gather all your potential maids and throw a little soiree. Leave a simple but elegant card at each place setting asking them the big question. Not only is it intimate but it gives you the opportunity to begin your wedding journey with your closest friends.
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Give them something they'll have for a long time, like these short custom wine glasses.
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Nothing says be my maid like a custom message in a bottle.
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Your girls will need to stay hydrated with all the running around they'll be doing for you so custom tumblers are perfect for mixing functionality and creativity. 
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Turn it into a scratch off: Being chosen as one of your bridesmaids is just as close to winning the lottery as one can get so why not give them a cute scratch off like this golden ticket from Inklings Paperie?
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Be an even greater friend by giving her her favorite cup of coffee or tea; add a custom sticker to it like this Starbucks inspired design from Elenas Little Shoppe.
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Riddle me this: Make it light hearted with a fold out haiku from Finch and Hare.

If you've been friends since the beginning of time, bring back the nostalgia with custom dolls like these clothes pin cuties from Left on Lynna Lane.
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