2016 Coterie Retreat Spotlight Interview with Master Makeup Artist Hubert “Scoobie” West

When it comes to beauty, master makeup artist Hubert "Scoobie" West, owner of Scoobie West & Company, is amongst the most talented and knowledgable professionals in the world. With an extensive experience background and ever-growing clientele list, Scoobie has worked for top name cosmetic companies, had his work featured in numerous magazine publications and television networks, and has been represented at major bridal shows for over the past decade.
As the makeup sponsor of the 2016 Coterie Retreat: New Orleans, Scoobie worked tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring that all speakers and numerous attendees remained at the peak of their beauty capabilities. And with the recent release of his new makeup line, Chloe + Christian by Scoobie West, he is sure to continue being a dominant force in the beauty industry.

Read Scoobie's 2016 Coterie Retreat Spotlight Interview below!

How did you enjoy the 2016 Coterie Retreat experience?
The experience was amazing. Connecting with so many experts in the same room -- great ideas will develop!

Your becoming a make-up artist has been described as "destiny," considering make-up artistry has seemed to have found you time after time, beginning with fashion shows in college. If make-up artistry had not found you, what do you believe you would be doing today?
If I wasn't doing makeup, I would be in Human Resources. Most people don't know that I have a BS in Computer Information Systems and a MBA in Human Resource Management. I went to school because my parents were adamant about me getting a proper education...I ended up doing makeup because, it's where I am supposed to touch lives.

What character traits do you think are important to posses for those trying to make it in your industry?
Humility and kindness. I still think of myself as a country boy, doing makeup in the big city...

Would you speak about one of your favorite moments as a makeup artist?
One of my favorite moments as a makeup artist happened just last month. I had a bride's makeup artist not show up (I was booked to do hair for the entire bridal party). The planner called me and asked me if I could do the makeup also. I told her absolutely...then messaged people on my team to get some help! My newest hair stylist showed up within the hour and we rocked it! The bride started crying when she saw her finished look -- then I quickly told her to 'Suck it up...there's no crying when you're flawless...'

After being a part of this industry for so long, what keeps you motivated, and how do you remain inspired?
Chloe + Christian keeps me motivated. The lip line that I started this year is named after my niece Chloe and my nephew Christian. They bring so much joy and laughter to my life....I'm motivated daily because of them.

Being an expert in your field, how do you handle a client who requests a make-up style that you know is all wrong for them?
I tell them...flat out. You are only as good as your last makeup application. If you go along with what a client thinks they want and don't advise based on your expertise, then you become an applicator, not an artist.

What advice do you have for aspiring make-up artists just getting started in the industry?
The service that we provide is a luxury for most people. Make sure that you are working towards creating a luxury experience for your clients, not just doing makeup for a living.



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