5 Trends in Groom Fashion from Our Newest Contributor GroomInspiration

Here at Munaluchibridal.com, we're known for inspiring brides of color across the globe with the best in wedding inspiration and wedding vendors.  But while our trendsetting brides are getting their daily fix, we can't forget about our equally stylish grooms.  So it's with extreme pleasure that we introduce you to our newest Munaluchi Contributor, GroomInspiration.  Just take a quick glance at their Instagram feed, and you'll see what all the buzz is about.  In their first article, they are listing the top trends in grooms fashion.  Read through and also check out a sweet giveaway at the end of the post!

Top 5 Trends in Groom Fashion

The wedding day is no longer just about the bride. In recent times, grooms have become more involved in the wedding planning process as well as ensuring that they look debonair next to their princess brides. While there is the general belief that all the groom needs is a black tuxedo and a bowtie, groom fashion has evolved tremendously in recent times.  Below are 5 trends in groom fashion we have observed in 2015.

1.  Mismatched suits

Traditionally, grooms will wear complete two or three-piece suits, in the same color and texture. However, we have seen grooms begin to mix up the colors and patterns. The key is to ensure that the colors do not clash, unless of course you decide to ‘color block’ on your wedding.

GroomInspiration - Mismatched suit - Matt Badenoch Photography

Photos By: Badenoch Photography

2. Grooms in color

Like never before, grooms are embracing more color when it comes to their wedding suits. From green to red to purple, we have seen grooms opt for colors that will normally be considered as unconventional. They have however been able to pull off the looks.

GroomInspiration - Grooms in Colour - Photo by PhotosByPeterBello

Photos By: Photos by Peter Bello
Abeena Harold's wedding at Giando's on the Water

Photos By: Joshua Dwain Photography

3. Customized accessories

As part of grooms getting more involved in the wedding planning process, we have seen an increase in the number of grooms that go the extra mile to customize their outfits / accessories. This could be anything from adding a wedding hash tag to the suits inner lining or wearing cufflinks with the couples initials engraved.

GroomInspiration - Customised accesosires Adebayo Deru

Photos By: Adebayo Deru
Fiona & Calvin's wedding at Atrium Country Club in New Jersey

Photos By: Joshua Dwain Photography

4. Grooms and groomsmen in matching (or not matching) colored socks

This is a nice way of adding the ‘cool factor’ to the wedding. The groom and groomsmen can either decide to all wear the same color of socks, or different colors of the same socks pattern.

GroomInspiration - Grooms matching socks - Adebayo Deru

Photos By: Adebayo Deru
GroomInspiration - Grooms matching socks - Photo by Still life media

Photos By: Still Life Media

5.  Button lapel flowers

In place of the traditional rose petals, grooms are now opting for the button lapel flowers. This is also a good way to match the groomsmen’s outfits with those of the bridesmaids as this can be customized to match the wedding color theme.

GroomInspiration - Button lapel flower - @acuratedman on IG

Photos By: @curatedman on IG
Lorraine & Ryan's Wedding at Jericho Terrace in Long Island, NY

Photos By: Joshua Dwain Photography



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About GroomInspiration

GroomInspiration is the # 1 styling and planning resource for the modern groom. They provide a one-stop source of inspiration for the groom and his groomsmen and also offer one-to-one consultations, providing advice ranging from outfit choices to details of their trusted directory of menswear designers.

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