A Love That Plays On – Intimate Washington, D.C. Wedding: Adiah + Donald

After meeting through a mutual friend, an easy friendship began between Adiah and Donald. The two began dating and over time, Donald proposed on their favorite workout trail overlooking the river. This was a beautiful prelude to their intimate fall wedding in the nation's capital. The beginning of the next love song in their track listing.

Wedding Date: September 20, 2014
Wedding Location: Bolling Air Force Base - Washington, D.C.
First Dance Song: ”So In Love” by Anthony Hamilton and Jill Scott
Favorite Item on the Menu: The cake!

Tell us about how you met and all about the proposal!

"Hey, I know you!" Yup, that's how it all started. Don and Adiah met at Fenita's birthday party. Over a year earlier, Adiah was President of the Philadelphia Chapter of the NBA Women Lawyer's Division and Fenita was Treasurer. One of Adiah's initiatives was to update their web site. Fenita suggested the services of Coyote Web Design run by two of her friends, Clyde and Don. Over the course of the year, Adiah and Don exchanged phone calls about the site, but after a while, the site was done, Adiah's term as President was up and the phone calls ended.

When friends and family gathered at a fine restaurant in Raleigh, NC to celebrate Fenita's birthday, they would meet again. At dinner, Adiah was at one end of a long rectangular table and Don at the other. Later that evening, the group gathered at Fenita's parents' home for some refreshments prior to heading. She approached Don, after a liquid refreshment or two, and exclaimed, "Hey, I know you!" In typical Don Reid fashion, he replied, "Yeah, yeah, that's me."

As Don had driven to Raleigh in order to carry his DJ equipment for the barbecue the next day, he and Clyde agreed to drive Adiah and Deidre from their hotel to the various party locations that weekend, where they had plenty of opportunity to get to know each other. Don called Adiah to ask her out upon his return to Corning. Adiah, living in Philly and being the practical girl she was, responded "Where?" "Why Philly, of course.” Don proposed at their favorite workout location, the Schuylkill Banks trail, on a bench overlooking the river.


All of my friends and family from all ages and stages of our lives danced the night away together, starting with our processional and love songs from some of our favorite R&B artists (e.g. Luther Vandross, Bill Withers) to our first dance to “So In Love” by Anthony Hamilton and Jill Scott (he is from North Carolina where the groom was from and she is from Philly where I'm from) and all the old school hip hop during the reception.

Help a bride-to-be out!

Research your photographer and make sure they understand your vision and what is important to you. The day goes by so fast and you won’t see or remember everything that happened, so your photos will capture the day and help you relive it again and again.


Photography: David Hartcorn
Videography: Jeff Shoefield
Bride’s Dress: Kleinfeld Bridal
Veil: Reneé Bolden Designs, Philadelphia
Shoes: Betsey Johnson, Macy's
Bridesmaid Dresses: Jim Hjelm, Bella Bridesmaids 
Hair: Jason Tavares
Makeup: Nikki Fraser
DJ: Percy Norman, Master Productions
Wedding Planner: TLB Events
Florist: Edge Flowers
Cake: K. Rose Cake Designs

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