“A Moroccan Love Story” Editorial Shoot by Kai Davis Photography

Kai Davis is a not only a wedding photographer but a self-proclaimed romantic at heart. Inspired by the basis of love and the 2016 engagement season she began to creatively plan and style her visual love story. And not just any old love story. But a passion filled, Moroccan themed love story that Kai would ultimately illustrate through her camera lens. Thus, birthing this beautiful styled shoot.

Peruse on for more from this gorgeous editorial shoot, photographed and styled by Kai Davis  who also shares additional insight behind her Moroccan Love Story concept

Kai Davis: I fell in love with the Moroccan theme because it would allow me creatively use pops of color, a stunning and handsome model of color and also candid urban affection. As I worked to style and plan this shoot, it told a story - from the great aspect of love, all the way to the smallest detail of the perfect forehead kiss, a vibrant pineapple boutonniere and a table setting with gold flatware almost too pretty to touch. Mixed in were stunning floral arrangements full of Moroccan themed colors, a spread for two engaged sweethearts to share.

 What began as a concept and creative mindset was executed by a talented team of creative industry professionals. The idea of the Moroccan theme was loved by all.The collaboration allowed each industry pro to use our individual skills to cultivate this engagement styled shoot. The feel of the shoot was urban and soulful which led to a downtown Detroit loft that gave subtle and romantic energy. The vibrant colors completed the scene as illustrated throughout each image and gave more to the mood of the love story.

The styled engagement shoot presented the opportunity for me to step outside of my norm as I designed the set and snapped imagery from behind the lens. Photography is my passion but I am a creative at heart, so it was such a joy to combine the two here at this romantic loft setting.

Through imagery, a passionate engagement translates into art and beauty which both the modern day bride and groom can be inspired by and even elect to incorporate into their own personal engagement and wedding day celebrations. The original artwork and candid captures speak to the authenticity of how couples should always stay true to their passion and personalities. Both of which I am always an advocate for.

It is my hope that viewers enjoy the romantic concept and and visually stunning romantic, loft love story as much as I enjoyed photographing it. Special thank you to florist, Laura Daluga Aifd, makeup artist DeeJay Davis, and Chimzi's Fashion House for providing the dresses seen on our model.

Photographer: Kai Davis Photography 
Styling & Decor: Kai Davis Photography
Florist: Laura Daluga Aifd, Department of Floristy
Makeup Artist: DeeJay Davis
Dresses: Chimzi Fashion House

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