A Star Studded Evening – Jumping the Broom

On April 11, 2011, Munaluchi was in attendance at a press dinner event held at the Strip restaurant in Atlanta, GA for the upcoming movie, Jumping the Broom, in cinemas this Friday May 6, 2011. Celebrity guests at this dinner were Meagan Goode and Pooche Hall, stars of the new movie. During the course of the dinner, the duo highlighted on fun moments working with fellow colleagues during the shooting of the movie, as well as the significance of their respective roles.  Other cast members include award winning Angela Bassett, Loretta Divine, Paula Patton as well as new comer sensations Romeo Miller (Lil Romeo), Laz Alonso and comic geniuses of Mike Epps and DeRay Davis.

Both Goode and Hall gave their personal insight on the marriage dynamics within the African-American community. In the long run, they both converged on the importance of compatibility, understanding and communication between the couple in order to sustain a healthy successful marriage in the long run.

When asked about her controversial role, Goode explained that playing her character (the bride's shallow friend and maid of honor who is all about using men for their money and status) gave her the opportunity to address some of the many misconceptions some young girls within the African-American community may have when choosing partners - it’s not always about the material things a man has to offer, but more so ultimate companionship and support.


Definitely be sure to catch Jumping the Broom on May 6, 2011! A lovely storyline and a phenomenal cast to boot. It is a great way to begin your summer!  Check out the trailer for the movie here.

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