Adrienne + Roger: {Harlem Renaissance} E-Session

Love is a song. It is a consonance of melodies stretching forth from the heart towards the heavens. It is no wonder, then, that Adrienne and Roger found their way to each other through music - while singing in their church youth choir 10 years ago. Gradually, they found their way into each other's hearts until it reached the crescendo: Roger asked Adrienne to spend forever by his side, hitting the highest and lowest notes in life with him.

These extremely unique photos were shot perfectly by R.See of R.See Photography. Check him out!

The Bride: Adrienne Mask
The Groom: Roger Melvin
Their Occupations: Groom-Film Director; Bride-Corporate Facilitator/Choreographer
The Location: The Grove, California

The Meeting .... "Roger and Adrienne met over 10 yrs. ago in Sacramento, CA singing in the youth choir. Adrienne's mom was the choir director, and Roger was on the praise team. Their unique chemistry was evident almost instantly. The two quickly became best friends or as they like to call themselves "boys". In 2002 Roger moved to Southern California and Adrienne stayed in Sacramento. The couple reconnected in 2008 at a Starbucks, and after way too many latte's the two knew they were destined to be way more than just friends. The two of them have been caught up in their "Chocolate High" ever since. The couple will be married July 15,2012 at the Historic Delta Grand Island Mansion."

The Proposal ..... "On May 8th 2011, Mother's Day, the family was enjoying Sunday service at their home church (H.O.P.E.'s House Ministries). The couple was coming out of a tough phase in their lives, and receiving prayer at the altar….in that moment Roger felt God saying, "You need to cover her…" and he knew that day Adrienne was supposed to be his wife, and he was to become the official/permanent protector and provider over her. Later that day after Mother's Day lunch, Roger told Adrienne he had to go "handle something for work". Little did she know Roger called her dad, received his blessing and went out and bought a ring.He proposed that evening."

The Theme .... "The theme for our engagement shoot was Harlem Renaissance, our main source of inspiration was Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte. Roger and I absolutely love the 1930's – 1950's. We really wanted to capture a classic look as the Venue for our wedding is an old mansion built in 1917. We love the music from that era as well. Such artists as Etta James, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday etc…have always served as inspiration for our love. I also, reached out to my grandmother (Coni Taylor) who thrived during that time…I tried to duplicate her look in many of the poses. Roger and I both have matriarchal members of our family and this photo shoot also served as an ode to them as well."

Incorporating Culture .... "It is very important to us to celebrate and incorporate our culture in our day to day lives. We have an undying love for the arts, and appreciation for good music….which is why the above mentioned artists mean so much to us. For us those elements can tell our story of not only love, but the other not so glorified moments in life. The voice of expression from the African Americans of that time is powerful yet serene…which we believe are two character traits we want to exemplify marriage."

{You Make Loving You So Easy}

"The thing Roger loves most about Adrienne her maternal finesse, and her off the cuff sense of humor. Roger is a firm believer that the ability to laugh your way through is an essential key to staying in love. And Adrienne's off sense of humor will ensure there is never a dull moment!"

"The thing that I love most about Roger is the worshiper in him. His relationship with God allows me to have a level of security in our relationship…that emotional reassurance does not provide. Additionally, I know that the Lord can get to him when I can't! AND he is the best dancer ever!"

Congratulations, Adrienne and Roger. May your planning process be blessed every step of the way.



  1. Uchenna Obiora

    These pictures are amazing! RC you really out did yourself on this one.

  2. R.SEE Photography

    Thanks Munaluchi!

  3. Brenda Vaughn

    I love it they are beautiful!!! Im not just saying that because the groom is my son! and my new daughter in love lol!!


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