Adventurous Superhero Downtown Dallas Engagement Session: Resha + Eric

Have you ever come across someone and upon meeting them they gave you such an undeniable positive aura and vibe? Like, instantly you felt connected with their genuine and humble spirit. It was real, and you know it was real. That connection was real...even though it was the first time you have met them. A feeling such as that one cannot clearly be described but only felt. When we come across another person and we feel the way we do about them that is indescribable...then maybe that person just might be our soul mate.

"Deep down I knew.... I got the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. After that night, we’ve been pretty much inseparable." Resha Wafer recalls the first time she met her now fiance Eric Baker. It was his warm inviting personality and handsome looks that attracted her to him.


How They Met

They met at met in 2010 at NBA All Star Weekend in Dallas. This event was the  biggest and most anticipated event of the city since the Dallas cowboys won their last Super Bowl in the mid 90s. Unfortunately a major snow and ice storm tore through the city. The blizzard upended most of the major events for that weekend. All except for an Erykah Badu free concert that was sponsored by Radio One. Resha was to meet up with a friend for the concert but they were running late. Meanwhile as she was waiting at the venue that night, she was approached by a helpful gentleman. He introduced himself as Eric Baker, the Account Executive for Radio One. He assisted her in finding someone who could assist her further regarding the tickets for the event. When she met up with the promoter to get these tickets she found out they were sold out. Resha was disappointed; however, while she was waiting for her friend, Eric kept her company and they chatted.

When her friend finally arrived, she discovered that her friend and Eric were actually mutual friends! This pleasant surprise turned into a fun night. They all decided as an alternative to go to a local music spot and grab some drinks. Resha quickly realized how Eric's personality was infectious. As they got to the music spot she found out that literally everyone knew Eric!


"When we arrived I really thought Eric was corny, but cute. He was that guy that always walked to the front of the line everywhere he went and knew everybody literally everywhere. I thought to myself how annoying, you know…the guy that has all the “Connections”, so I assumed he would have the ego to match….I was totally wrong! Eric was so courteous, outgoing, funny, and very humble. His warm personality and stunningly handsome good looks melted the ice away that evening…I had to get real and stop fighting myself, I was totally attracted to Eric.

When I mentioned my disappointment about the Erykah Badu tickets, he handed over not only two tickets, but an entire also a whole stack of tickets to other VIP All Star Weekend events for me and my girlfriends. I was blown away by his generosity. I thought to myself if he is this way with me I wonder how he is with his family and community.

Deep down I knew beyond getting the tickets, I also got the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. After that night, we’ve been pretty much inseparable."

Their first date also took place during that weekend. Even though there was a snow storm, these two adventurous spirits did not let that get in the way of spending time with one another.


The Proposal

Eric planned a trip to New Orleans where they actually had their first trip together there. They always loved the city and Resha knew that this trip will be special. But was not be aware of the surprises that were yet to come.

On their first day in New Orleans, they went on an open-air bus tour of the city and went on an adventurous sight-seeing of the city. Later that evening they went to an historic New Orleans restaurant in the French Quarter...

"After we finished dinner, I mentioned I was cold, so Eric gave me his jacket to wear. As I was pulling it on he asked me to reach into the inside pocket and hand him his phone. I pulled the phone out and handed it to him. He’d ordered the dessert this restaurant was famous for the baked Alaska. Eric then asked me to hand him his pen. So I reached into the pocket and handed him his pen. I then felt a square shaped item as I pulled it out, I noticed the waiter bringing our dessert to us with the word “Congratulations!” written on the plate. Eric was on one knee and people started clapping all around us. Before he even had the chance to say anything, I jumped up and yelled, “YES!” After that, I was able to sit down and gain my composure. Eric finally actually asked me to marry him it was very romantic.


The Engagement Session

Their Downtown Dallas engagement session was very enjoyable for the couple. It incorporated their nerdy side and they wanted to show off their love of superheros and comics. In fact when the couple attended the Comic Palooza in Houston, they got the opportunity to meet the legendary comic creator Stan Lee! They wanted their engagement shoot photos to convey their adventurous side to their families and friends as well as the love they have for one another.


Wedding Planning

Also our amazing Coterie member, wedding planner Tisha Holman, was of great assistance to these love birds. Resha and Eric plan to have a destination wedding set for next year,  July 2, 2016, on the tropical island of Sint Maarten! Wedding planning for a destination wedding was not what Resha expected but thanks to Tisha it was a breeze. Plus perks for the couple were making trips to the wedding site on the island. And who could complain about taking trips to Sint Maarten?

We at Munaluchi wish them all the best on their future wedding! We can't wait to see the beautiful pictures of the wedding as well as the gorgeous island!



Wedding/Event Planner: Tisha Holman
Photography: D. Lacy Photography
Makeup:  Riska Crowder, The Beauty LAAB, Arlington TX
Hair: Zerlene Rogers, The Beauty LAAB, Arlington, TX



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  1. Aphrihl Barrie

    Absolutely beautiful….a true fairly tale. I cant wait to be apart of your big day. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!

  2. Rene Strong

    You guys are perfect for each other. I’m so happy for you. Can’t wait for the wedding. Looking forward to grand babies!!! Love you both. Mom…

  3. Jazzay Jabbar

    You guys look so great!! I love these photos! You’re happiness is my happiness!!

  4. Kim Davis

    Congratulations on finding each other! Your greatest adventure has just begun.

  5. Shukura wilford

    Oh my gawsh!! I am so darn proud of you! You look genuinely happy, the pictures are amazing and the breakout comic shirts are the icing (I have that captain America shirt)! Smooches


    Breath taking!!! I am so blessed to be apart of the Baker Wafer wedding. I am so happy for both of you!!!!

  7. Sherrie Smith

    Awe so beautiful. . Much happiness and well wishes. Can’t wait till the big day.

  8. Wynell

    So happy for you cuz, you guys look so happy and the photos are absolutely beautiful!!!

  9. Sherry Johnson

    I absolutely love it! you guys are a lovely couple. I see the joy and happiness in both of you. I pray this union be Blessed. I’m truly happy for you friend.


  10. Elise Portley -Green

    Absolutely beautiful couple. Congratulations to you both.

  11. LaShaunda

    What a beautiful story! I’m truly happy for The both of you. Praying for many blessings to this union❤️

  12. Cynthia Wafer

    Congratulations to my beautiful niece you have met your soul mate

  13. Denise Shirlee

    Congratulation Resha & Eric, may your life be filled with Love.

  14. Sara David

    Awwwh!! What a beautiful story! I’m so honored to be apart of your special day!

  15. Evelyn Baker

    What a beautiful story, I have to say to Eric and Resha, you are so awesome and i am the proud parent that thank the LORD daily for the both of you. It is so good to see young couples enjoying life, continue to be blessed.

  16. Mattie Caldwell

    Congratulations lovely couple! God bless!

  17. Lakesha King

    Sweeeeet! Cousin you are so cool, corny but cool lol. Congratulations! to the both of you and may God continue to bless your now and future together.
    Much love❤️

  18. Shelley Thrash

    What a beautiful love story!!!! The photos exude love, fun and celebration.

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  20. Uncle Elliot

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    Elliot King

  21. Alease Gates

    Absolutely stunning couple!

  22. Twanna Ferguson

    Beautiful love story as well as you two as a couple! Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, I wish you two nothing but continued love, joy, and happiness!

  23. A C Baker

    Great pictures and the beginning of a great future. I’m so proud of you’ll. Looking forward to wedding and some more Grand Kids.


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