African Pride 15 On Orange Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa

Due to recent events, from Mandela's current health condition to President Obama's current African tour, I felt it would be appropriate for us to visit South Africa this week. There are so many wonders and beautiful views in South Africa...if you plan on visiting you must bank about 10 days to really enjoy it. To start off, we are visiting African Pride 15 on Orange Hotel in Cape Town.

This elegant hotel with grande architecture and modern decor is a lovely destination to host a classy reception or start a memorable honeymoon. Their spacious suites include designer furniture, plush carpet, and a breathtaking view of the city or Table Mountain.  The beautiful dining options and restaurants vary from a spacious modern lounge to an intimate coffee shop.  Along with all the attractions and adventures around the hotel, I would probably spend a lot of time just admiring the design of this place. Isn't it lovely!

Music Spotlight:

The variety in South African music is really enjoyable to explore. I decided to share two artists with you this week to add something different to their popular house music.

Lira is a singer and songwriter from South Africa with a lovely and powerful voice. I love the beautiful imagery of a love story in this video.

[youtube url="" width="600"]

The Muffinz is a new band in the SA music scene who mix light jazz, soul, afro-trip, and funk to make their unique sound. Their lyrics are definitely worth listening to.

[youtube url="" width="600"] [divider]
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  1. Michael Rodrigues

    Wow!!!! this is really one of the best hotel interior design I’ve ever seen , the bar has a very dramatic design that totally catch your attention while you are in the bar. I believe you can really enjoy while you are staying to this hotel.. Great hotel accommodation!!!!


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