Amazing Cakes: Munaluchi’s Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes

In the wedding industry art takes on many forms. We're constantly in awe of the couture bridal gowns, innovative event designs, and stunning floral arrangements. But it's the magnificent wedding cakes that have us staring with our mouths wide open. Pioneering elements like metallics while playing with new shapes and colors, the cake industry has been a slice of heaven. Fusing delicate florals with smooth fondant for elegant focal pieces. And tackling sharp black designs for edgy show-stoppers, wedding cakes are taking over the avant garde genre.

From posh and polished to regal and romantic we're putting the spotlight on some of the most beautiful wedding cakes. Take a look at exclusive designs from artistic geniuses like Coterie members Desserts by Dana, Randi Gordon of Sugar Euphoria, Cake Courtesan, and David Benton of Sugarsweet Cookie + Cake Studio.

Artist: Sharon White of The Cake Courtesan
Photographer: MoB Photography

Artist: David Benton of Sugarsweet Cookie + Cake Studio
Photographer: Morgan Bellinger

Artist: Robert Self
Photographer: Elijah Sabree

Artist: Cynthia Knox
Photographer: Michael Lawson

Artist: Stephanie Sanders
Photographer: Sherwin Edwin

Artist: Sherese Payne
Photographer: Kurt Rogers

Artist: Elizabeth's Cake Emporium
Photographer: Kate Nielen Photography

Artist: Kara Bustos
Photographer: Kara Bustos

Artist: Melissa Payne
Photographer: Ken Penn

Artist: Randi Gordon of Sugar Euphoria
Photographer: Elizabeth Ashley Green

Artist: Dana Herbert of Desserts by Dana
Photography: Herman Photo

Desserts by Dana
Sugar Euphoria
Sugarsweet Cookie + Cake Studio
Melissa Payne
Elizabeth's Cake Emporium
Kara Bustos
Stephanie Sanders
Cynthia Knox
The Cake Courtesan
Robert Self
Sherese Payne

  1. Dana

    I am greatly humbled and thankful to have been party of this collection. I hope everyone loves the all black wedding cake

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    This board is for the super stylish MunaLuchi Brides. BA 11861f51eee34cc2fab0ced0ad.

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