Angel and Tony’s Elegant and Rustic Engagement Session in Austin

Having met their freshman year of high school, Angel and Tony quickly became good friends. It wouldn't be until the approach of their senior year that Tony would reveal his true feelings for Angel, asking her out on a date. Refusing out of fear of it possibly ruining their friendship, Angel was apprehensive in taking their relationship to new heights. But Tony's persistence paid off and they've been inseparable ever since.

Read all about Angel & Tony's love story and romantic Coliseum proposal in their elegant and rustic engagement session in Austin, Texas.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Angel & Tony
Occupations: Angel - Emergency Room Registered Nurse, Tony - Doctor of Pharmacy
Wedding date: Thursday, August 10, 2017 (Traditional Native Law & Custom Ceremony), Saturday, August 12, 2017 (Church Ceremony and Wedding Reception)
Wedding location: Houston,TX
Location of Engagement shoot: Austin, TX (Hamilton Pool Reserve)

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal: Angel and Tony met at Westside High School. They met during their freshman year English class. Soon after they became good friends. It wasn't until the summer prior to their senior year that Tony approached Angel about taking her out on a date...she refused! Ha! He asked again and again...she kept on refusing - for fear of it ruining their good friendship. Finally, our young "Romeo" went to her then job at Whataburger and spent the entire day trying to convince her why a date would be harmless. Finally she gave in! His persistence paid off. They attended a showing at AMC 30 on 8.3.07 for The Simpsons.

The proposal (Tony) - Planning this proposal was a fun, exciting and nerve-wracking experience. I asked her parents and grandparents for her hand in marriage many months prior to the actual proposal. They were ecstatic and even shed some tears. My parents were also excited of the prospect of adding Angel to our family. My mom was especially elated about having someone she could call a daughter. After I received the blessings from both her and my family the planning commenced. Finding someone to capture this moment proved challenging. I contacted several photographers who were based in Italy. Though the time zone and language difference proved to be barriers, I finally found the perfect photographer! After several (2:00am U.S./9:00am Italy) conversations, Gianfranco (photographer) and I devised a plan to surprise Angel. Angel and I had reservations for the Colosseum and I mentioned to her that I "upgraded" our tour to a semi-private one that would start earlier in the day (to avoid high foot traffic) and even included a group photographer (hint..hint…). The day palms were sweaty and I scarfed down my food as our driver/tour guide/ "photographer" arrived to take us on our "tour." Once we arrived, we toured the grounds of the 4th Wonder of the World until it was time. As he gave me the coded message that it was time, my heart was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. I'd finally be asking the woman that I've had the pleasure of growing with during the past 8 years to marry me. The rest is history. I honestly do not remember what I said. I just remember the sense of peace that overcame me. She said "YES" and for us, it was the beginning of always…










































Describe your engagement session. The theme of our wedding is rustic/elegant. It fits both of our personalities and we both wanted something outside of the traditional ballroom setting. Even the overall look of the engagement session. We both decided to wear a tuxedo and dress. Which was a stark contrast from the actual setting of the location. We also hired an event production company (Plants N' Petals) to help create a unique and awe inspiring look of our wedding reception.

What did you do on your first date? We saw the Simpsons on 8/03/2007

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? Travel! We got engaged at the Coliseum in Rome, Italy.

How has wedding planning been so far? Wedding planning has been a fun endeavor. We're allowing God to lead the way and starting early has helped us to stay ahead of certain deadlines as it pertains to the wedding.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. Honestly, just being able to call each other husband and wife. Being able to celebrate with close family and friends...and of course, DANCE!


Photography - Isi.Rose Photography, Isi.Rose Photography IG

  1. Dr. Pope

    I love reading your journey from friendship to creating your new bond as husband and wife. I look forward to seeing your union. Your presentation was beautiful.
    Dr. Sheila Pope

    • Angel Bias

      Thank you for the love and support Dr. Pope!

  2. Angel Bias

    Thank you Munaluchi Bride Magazine! We are more than grateful for being featured.


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