Angela and Rashawn’s Relaxed and Regal Engagement in Virgina

From the beginning, Angela and Rashawn's relationship has been very laid back and relaxed. They've always felt they could be themselves around each other. To reflect that, they're pictured in comfy and casual attire. However, they also have a glamours side and love to get dressed up. Their engagement session perfectly captures these two aspects and demonstrates their love for each other.

Read all about Angela and Rashawn's relationship and engagement in Virginia.

Bride & Groom: Angela & Rashawn
Occupations:  Teacher & Policy Project Analyst
Wedding date: April 28, 2018
Wedding location: The Bellevue Conference and Event Center,
Chantilly, VA
Location of Engagement shoot: Richmond, Virginia


Tell us how you met and all about the proposal. We met on a "sort-of" blind date set up by my eldest sister, Michele. At the time, Michele worked at the same company as Rashawn. Michele and Rashawn both went to the gym at lunch and Michele thought he would be "fun" for me to come along. She explained that all the girls at the company wanted him. Once Michele told Rashawn about me, he went to my Instagram and realized he already followed me! We had a lot of mutual friends and had already liked a lot of each other's pictures. After a few phone conversations, Rashawn asked me out on a date. We're in agreement that it was the best first date ever.

Describe your engagement session. We really just wanted to showcase both sides to our personality as a couple. We love getting dressed up and being fancy. However, we definitely prefer having fun and being laid-back in a pair of comfortable sneakers. During the morning, we shot in our casual look in the Downtown Richmond area. Our photographer found some amazing locations that exuded the fun and laid-back feel we were going for. We shot at a graffiti wall, the train station, and an escape ladder to name of a few. After we ate lunch and freshened-up, the evening consisted of our dressed-up shots. We enjoyed getting dressed up and feeling sophisticated together. We began shooting at Maymont Park, then the Carillon Tower, and lastly at Belle Isle. The evening shots were a little hectic because so many people were outside enjoying the beautiful weather. The most hectic part of the day was getting to our last location. We really wanted to capture a sunset shot. Our photographer chose one of the most beautiful locations in Richmond for this vision, Belle Isle. It was a bit of a task racing against time as we ran across the bridge that crossed the James River to Belle Isle. We only had 15 minutes of good light and the mosquitoes were beginning to feast. However, our photographer nailed the shot and we were so pleased!

What did you do on your first date? Rashawn picked me up in a red Camaro and took me to Cafe Asia in Arlington, VA. He was so taken aback at how open and talkative I was with him. Because we had a nice time at Cafe Asia, we decided to go into Washington, DC to the H St area at Smith and Commons bar. We had a few drinks and loosened up a bit more. Then, we walked around H St. and had a few more drinks at Sticky Rice. We wanted to continue the night, so we decided to venture to the U St. area where we ended the evening with some dancing.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? Workout! We are a very active couple and love pushing each other in the gym. We value fitness and wellness. We love working out so much that we recently started our personal training business together.

How has wedding planning been so far? Wedding planning has been a fun experience as we enjoy our engagement and learn how to work towards a goal while making big decisions together. Planning has had its hectic moments, but it has really taught us how to communicate our wants and desires in all aspects of life and budget for our goals. We chose to have a long engagement of 17 months so that we can take our time with our decisions and ultimately have our dream wedding within reason. This has also given us time just to truly be engaged and enjoy every moment and event leading up to the big day!

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day.
We are most looking forward to saying our lifelong vows to each other and celebrating this moment with our family and friends.

Photography - Frank James
Make-up and Director - April Townes

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