Anna + Yomi: {Engaged}

Have you ever made a connection with someone who was meant to connect with your friend?  Be honest.... Well, that's the case with this gorgeous couple.  Meet Anna and Yomi. They met through a mutual friend who was trying to impress Anna by getting tickets (through Yomi) for them to attend her favorite concert...Yomi recalls his first encounter with Anna. "I was only able to get one ticket, and told him his  friend could go with me.   We laid eyes on each other and the connection was instant.  I can't remember a time that my heart beat the way that it did when I first laid eyes on her.  Oh, and there's no hard feelings from my friend." The images were so gracefully captured by Eliesa of Photogen, Inc., one of our favs.  She manages to capture true love between couples...and her images are always so subtle and tasteful.  Take a look!

On the proposal...

On their 6 year anniversary, after a romantic dinner at the Boathouse Restaurant and carriage ride through Central Park, Yomi proposed to Anna.  "It was truly magical, and I felt like a princess!  Yomi is the best fiance in the world and I'm a very lucky lady.  Going through life everyday knowing that I have his love and support is the best feeling.  This is true love!" -Anna

When asked about the wedding theme, the couple stated the wedding will be elegant and classy, yet laid back.  As they put it, it'll be "effortlessly chic."   They're getting married on a Friday night in Miami, a city they both adore, with a posh color palette of navy, light blue, silver, and pops of hot pink.  Anna also plans to incorporate her favorite flowers, calla lilies and orchids into the theme.

On the most challenging aspect of the wedding planning thus far...

"Time, and lack of it.  We both have time consuming jobs in the entertainment industry.  We've also just purchased our first home together, which is amazing - but has stretched us thin financially and with our schedules it has been somewhat daunting.  Nevertheless, it will all be more than worth it when I see her coming down that aisle!" -Yomi

One of the first things many girls gets started searching for once they get engaged is the gown and photographer. When asked why she selected Photogen-Inc for photography, Anna stated, "We chose Eliesa for one, because she's amazing.  Her photos will blow you away.  Friends of ours had used her for a shoot - and we absolutely loved how their pictures turned out.  We met and stayed in touch with Eliesa who happened to be coming out east on a trip, so the timing worked out perfectly and we couldn't be happier with our engagement photos!"

What do you look forward to most on your wedding day?

"Finally professing our love to each other in front of our closest friends and family and being proud to say I am her husband. She is so special to me, and the thought of waking up next to her every morning, anniversaries, and kids is nothing short of blissful. We've been together 6 years, I'm looking forward to the next 60 as a married couple! "-Yomi

Congrats Anna and Yomi on your engagement and your upcoming wedding. We know it will be smashing.  Thanks to Eliesa for this gorgeous submission.  As always, we just LOVE your artistry.  Make sure to visit her blog to get inspired...and book her, you'll be glad!  Check out more Munaluchi love stories here.

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  1. Amanda

    Beautiful story…beautiful couple. God bless your union.

  2. Maleah

    It is rare that you read stories about love that read like a fairytale, and you don’t finish thinking “yeah right!” With Anna and Yomi though, theyre actually downplaying how obviously enamored with one another they are. As Anna’s best friend of a bazillion years (and Yomi’s sista fom anotha mista), I can truly say that there hasn’t been a love that I’ve witnessed before or since their’s that has inspired me more. In such a chaotic and stressed world where “long term relationships” last a max of 2 years, and even towards the end of those they’ve lost the lustre,sparkle, and excitement of “new love”…these two have managed to define and redefine what it is to be in love with and committed to another person outside of themselves. For better or worse and with such enthusiasm and welcome responsibility for each other. No twisting arms or dragging feet with these two. The world could use more of what you all have. Cannot wait until my neices and/or nephews arrive!:) I love you both and couldn’t be happier. Love, Maleah

  3. Farah

    Beautiful photos and couple!

  4. Kemi

    What a beautiful story. I wish you two the best


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