Aria and Brian’s Travel-Themed Engagement Session in Atlanta, Georgia

Love is an adventure all on its own, and when love becomes a shared life the adventure becomes a journey of joy - an endless exploration of the possibilities your life together can create. For adventure lovers Aria & Brian, this travel-themed engagement session was a perfect way to capture their love for exploration and the journey of joy that will be their life together as husband and wife.

Explore this beautiful engagement session planned by Jillian Smith of One Touch Events and perfectly captured by Dana Lee Jones Photography. See the complete gallery here!

Bride & Groom-to-be: Aria & Brian
Occupations: We are both Consultants (but at different companies). Aria is a Healthcare Consultant, and Brian is a Supply Chain/Operations Management Consultant.
Location of Engagement shoot: Delta Flight Museum & Jackson Street Bridge (Atlanta, GA). Sunday, 10/2/16

Tell us all about the proposal: "Brian and Aria planned a trip to London, Paris, and Amsterdam in May 2016. They had only briefly gone ring shopping earlier that year, so Aria knew they were headed in the right direction but didn't know exactly when Brian would pop the big question.
One evening in Paris, Aria & Brian did an Eiffel Tower tour. When they got to the top of the Tower and Aria realized that Brian was NOT going to propose on that clear, starry night in Paris, Aria put any other ideas/expectations of a proposal out of her head.
The next night, Brian and Aria went to dinner to mark their final day in Paris. Brian had a co-worker who was also in Europe at the same time so he told Aria they would plan to meet up with his co-worker and his co-worker's wife after dinner. Brian kept rushing Aria through dinner so that they could be on-time to meet up with the other couple at a meeting spot on the Pont de Bir-Hakeim Bridge. When Aria and Brian pulled up in the cab at the meeting spot, Aria noticed that it was the most beautiful setting overlooking the Eiffel Tower and Seine River. Since they were a few minutes early, Aria decided to take a few selfies while she waited (in true Aria fashion).
At one point, Aria turned around to grab for her purse; when she turned back, Brian was on one knee with the ring and a beautiful proposal speech! As it turns out, there was no 'co-worker' to meet. Brian had made the entire story up to put Aria in place on the Bridge on-time, because he had a secret photographer capturing the entire moment from afar!
Brian claims that Aria did not officially say 'yes' to his proposal question, just stuck out her hand for the ring."

How did you meet? We met in January 2013 at a houseparty. Aria's best friend Chastidy was hosting a post-New Year's/birthday/housewarming social. Aria went over early to help her friend set up the room and food, but the party needed some music to make everything pop. Aria's friend (Chastidy) mentioned that her then-boyfriend's co-worker (that would be Brian) would be bringing speakers for the party playlist. Brian made quite the scene when he didn't bring the right size speakers for a large party! (He brought a mini-Bluetooth speaker, which wasn't going to cut it). Even with the speaker snafu, Aria & Brian instantly connected over mutual friends, being from Atlanta, and attending an HBCU. Even though the party was shut down unexpectedly causing Aria & Brian to part ways, they were able to reunite over text and went on a first date a week later (dinner). Brian claims that Aria was late to their first date...we guess that sparked a trend of Brian always keeping Aria on track with time and to-do's!

Describe your engagement session. As consultants, Brian & Aria both travel for work on a weekly basis, so the Delta Flight Museum was the perfect venue for a flight/travel themed shoot. They are both loyal Delta customers! The bride and groom also both love their hometown of Atlanta, so they wanted to capture the city skyline shots on the Jackson Street Bridge.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? Explore - both places (travel!!) and new restaurants (we are foodies).

How has wedding planning been so far? Wedding planning has been a great experience to be creative but have a plan at the same time! It has also helped us better understand our decision-making style as a couple as we make some tough decisions about the guest-list, budget, etc. You would have to know Aria & Brian to appreciate this, but they have a 200+ line item project plan with all their wedding details!

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. Aria & Brian most look forward to celebrating their love with family and close friends, literally surrounded by the city of Atlanta with the Ventanas venue! Aria looks forward to the look on Brian's face when she appears down the aisle, and Brian says he can't wait to see Aria "coming down the aisle in that white dress."


Photographer: Dana Lee Jones Photography @danaleejonesphoto
Hairstylist: Sheena Renee Gadson @iamsheenarenee
Makeup Artist: Robin Shanael MUA @robinshanaeltheartist
Wedding Planner: Jillian Smith, OneTouch Events @onetoucheventsllc

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