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MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Spring 2018 Feature: Estelle
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Grammy award winning artist Estelle stays busy not only with music, Elle-Vie, an online curated shop that she co-founded and playing the role of Garnett on popular cartoon Steven Universe.

Her new album on VP records is slated for release Fall 2018 but she currently has a hot new single out ‘Love Like Ours’ featuring Tarrus Riley. The song, a celebration of love, embodies the pride and joy of being in a relationship. The video directed by Denzel Williams portrays a love story narrated by Estelle and Tarrus Riley with stunning outdoor shots of lush greenery. The actors, Gabbi Neal and Guy Peel Jr. play a young couple deeply in love, further emphasizing the songs love filled lyrics, making it a celebratory anthem for lovers everywhere.

Estelle has led a successful music career beginning with her chart topper ‘American Boy’ featuring Kanye West which sold $2 million units and earned her a Grammy® win and multiple nominations in 2009.  In 2012, she expanded her worldwide recognition with the number one radio record anthem 'Thank You'. She then proved her talent beyond music with a recurring cameo role on Fox Network’s hit series Empire which spawned a number one placement on the Billboard Top 200 with ‘Conqueror’, the epic duet with leading star Jussie Smollett.

Your song, “Love Like Ours” is a celebration of love, embodying the pride and joy of being in a relationship. What was the inspiration behind the song?  The song is kind of a summation of the vibe of the new record. Celebrating your love on your terms. Not held to anyone else’s expectations or life plans.

Is love a reoccurring theme and inspiration within your music? Yes. I write about love or the search for it because that’s a continual thing for me.

Were you always destined for music, or was there a moment when you realized being a musician was going to be your life? I've always done music, in some way, form or fashion. I decided to go for it after being made redundant from a job I was doing after a while just for the money. It was quite uncomfortable to leave in that way but I surmised that I would only have one chance to live the life I loved and so I did.

If you had to select an alternative road in life, what career path aside from music do you see yourself following? I don’t. I wouldn’t. I’m glad about the life I have.

Millions of people find inspiration in your music. Which musicians have you found the most inspiration in throughout life? My Influences range from Ella Fitzgerald to Mary J Blige, to Kanye West, Beres Hammond, and Buju Banton - great artists in general.

Who was your biggest influence growing up? My family were my biggest influences. They have given me perspective and things to write about.

Trapped on a desert island scenario; what are the five albums you couldn’t live without? Nerd - Nerd, Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life, Ella Fitzgerald- At the Opera House Live, Reggae Gold - 1996, Marvin Gaye - I Want You; Rarities and Oddities.  

How has the place of your upbringing shaped who you are? Growing up in London shapes the way I hear music in general, I’m open to a lot more genres than are socially assumed as a black woman.

Do you ever experience writer’s block? If so, how do you stay inspired? Writer’s block is a rolling train, I get off and go live for a while.

What is the greatest reward you receive from your music? One of the rewards I receive from being a musician is being able to give back what God and the world has ultimately given me.

And lastly, being a wedding magazine, we must ask, while growing up did you often envision your own wedding? How did you imagine it to be?  I never really imagined the wedding I’d like until a few years ago. I was a late bloomer there. But it will be a small ceremony with my core family and friends.

MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Spring 2018 Feature: Estelle
Print Copies Available for Pre-Order HERE!

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