Ask The Chef: Part 2 – How to Choose a Great Cake Designer

It's that time again! Our "Ask the Chef" launch last month was so well received and we are excited to bring you the 2nd installment.  Today, Chef Dana will be educating you on how to choose a great cake designer.

Chef Dana’s Tips for Choosing A Great Cake Designer

There is nothing more exciting to a baker than designing wedding cakes. It never gets old to a true designer because every single cake is different than the next because every couple is different. You see designing the wedding cake is one of the single most important parts of your wedding. The wedding cake is one of the only things that lasts after the event and will be seen over and over again at all the milestones.

There are so many things to take into account with the cake. It’s obvious that taste is a major part of selecting your cake designer.   Your wedding cake has to taste as good as it looks. The cake is as much as a focal centerpiece for a wedding, as it is the anchor leg of a great culinary experience.

With there being so many cake designers in the market today, where is a couple to begin. There are seven critical things that come into play in choosing a great cake designer for your wedding


Before you can be set on a cake designer, you have to know how does the cake taste. Taste can be subjective but we can all agree that your cake should be moist and flavorful. Even the simplest of cakes have a good flavor. The butter cream should melt in your mouth. Cakes should be either light and delicate or rich and decadent.

With the taste being subjective, I always advise my couple to choose the cake flavors that best reflect them. Don’t be afraid of picking unique flavors. I view weddings and cakes like expressions of love. Every wedding is supposed to be different because that’s what makes every wedding unique.

Comfort and Trust

For any marriage to be successful there has to be trust. The same goes with picking your cake designer. Couples must trust that a designer can bake what they love as well as execute the design. The designer also has to trust in their abilities to make the cake of the couples’ dreams and know that as they begin to design their masterpiece that they have truly channeled the couple. There are a few important things that lead a couple into making the right choice in their baker.

Award Winning

In choosing a great cake designer, ask if they are award winning. Just like cream, great designers will rise to the top. Find out if your cake designer won any local awards denoting them the best of the best in the area. Have they won any national awards or recognition amongst their peers?


Social Media

A couple should easily be able to find their cake designer online, and what better place than social media.   Their social media platforms should be robust with cakes and or other items pertaining to cakes and other desserts. Cake designers should have enough work on their social media platforms to be able to tell if they can do clean work


Great cake designers should have plenty of reviews. There should be at least a dozen. This means that they are actively doing cakes. The more reviews, typically the more seasoned they are with cakes. A great cake designer will have a rating of 4.5 or above out of 5. This is like getting an A in school. It’s a great indicator that they care about the work they put out.

Pictures of their Work

Having pictures of their own work is a must. Designers will show a couple what they are truly capable of. It shows their depth in being able to work with simplicity, complexity, textures, themes, as well as use of color n a way that will be translated as timeless.  A great designer will also have dummy cakes for you to see up close how certain styles will be executed.

Constantly Developing Something New

Great designers are always busy working on something new, or trying new techniques. Very often these things are unveiled at tastings to lucky couples to get their feedback. Whether it’s a new painting technique or a new style of piping, great cake designers are always at work to keep the designs fresh and exciting

photo by judah avenue


Pay close attention to my tips above as they will help you choose a great cake designer for your wedding day.


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