Black Love Engagement Session in Birmingham, AL: Jannora + Miles

Jannora and Miles' engagement session couldn't have represented them any better. The couple who takes great pride in their faith and their advocacy for the equality of black people, used their e-session to not only showcase the love they have for each other but their love for black history. "It was a no brainer when talking with our photographers, Beyond Sight Photography, that we would incorporate 16th Street Baptist Church and the Civil Rights Institute," Jannora says. The beautiful couple donned cultural street wear for the first half of the e-session, paying homage to Civil Rights advocates like Malcolm X. Later they changed into black tie appropriate outfits for the #BetOnLove portion of the session, representing Miles'  last name "Gamble" and their wedding hashtag.

Take a look at Jannora and Miles' black love engagement session in Birmingham below. Photos by Beyond Sight Photography.

Bride-to-be: Jannora Cooper
Groom-to-be: Miles Gamble
Engagement session location: Birmingham, AL
Wedding date: 09/25/2016

Tell us about how you met.
We met in 2012 in Miami during spring break while I was in school at The University of Maryland and Miles was at Alabama A&M. I was with my girlfriends and a few guy friends who are in the same fraternity as him. Miles and his frat brothers saw us and joined us on the beach. Later that night, we randomly saw each other again and exchanged information.

We continued to keep in touch and then in 2013 when I was leaving Maryland to move to Texas, Miles happened to be in the area for an engineering conference and was able to make it to my going away party. We hung out the whole weekend. After that we would talk on the phone every day, all day. I even stopped in Alabama to visit before moving to Texas. We became really great friends and would visit one another in our respective states. A few months later, we went to New Orleans for Miles' birthday and decided to take our friendship to the next level the same day he told me he loved me for the first time.

What did you do on your first date?
Our first official date was at Cantina Laredo one time when I visited Miles in Alabama. We walked around a really nice shopping center and he told me about the restaurant. The food and drinks were so good! After dinner he drove me to the highest point in the city to show me the beautiful view and city lights.

What are your favorite thing to do as a couple?
We love to go to parks on nice days, travel, and watch Netflix.

How has wedding planning been so far?
Wedding planning has been a breeze so far and I know it’s only because our planner Joanna from ValiaRose Events has been such an amazing help.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day.
Every time I think about our wedding day I imagine the feeling I’ll have when Miles sees me for the first time and I see him waiting for me to join him in becoming his lifelong partner.

Photographer - Beyond Sight Photography
Wedding Planner and Designer - ValiaRose Events

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