Kasey and Brick’s Beautiful Vows Renewal Wedding in Texas

In love there is much advice, and many "rules" about what "must" happen first before taking all of the next steps...but what is right for each us we must decide, and those decisions can certainly feel like a leap of faith - which for the most part they are. The trusting of another with your physical and emotional self can be a very vulnerable experience, and choosing wrong can leave us in fear of trying again... But sometimes, you just know, and almost from the start. Alejandro ("Brick") knew this, and a few months after their first meeting he asked Kasey to be his wife.
Needing more time, Kasey turned down Brick's proposal, but his certainty remained and a few months later during an evening out to dinner he tried once more. His persistence prevailed and Kasey said "yes." Being "a typical young financially challenged couple in 1998" they had a small church wedding and began their life together.

Near 20 years and 6 children later and their leap of faith has many times over proved to be so much more - a true love story. Having "talked at length over the years of renewing [their] vows one day to give [themselves] and [their] family the wedding [they] never had," the plan has completely taken shape in the form of this beautiful purple & gold-themed wedding.

Read all about Kasey and Brick's love story and vows renewal wedding experience!

Bride & Groom:  Kasey & Alejandro "Brick"
Occupations: Kasey: Busy mom of 4 and co-owner of House Group Inc., Alejandro “Brick”: Corporate Pilot and business owner of a government contracting firm House Group Inc.
Wedding date: July 30, 2016
Wedding location: Covenant Church and The Gaylord Texan Hotel and Resort

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal. Brick and I first laid eyes on each other while I was attending George Mason University and Brick was stationed at Marine Corps Base Quantico. Not knowing Brick was a Marine and member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., I stopped him at the door when I thought he was trying to sneak into an on campus frat party without paying. Brick spent the majority of the night trying to woo my roommate but quickly realized she was a little too wild for his taste!
It was at the hotel after party where Brick and I sat on a windowsill and chatted till the wee hours of the morning. After I learned he was an officer headed to flight school to become pilot, I knew he had potential.
Where Brick had always wanted to be married, I myself was not keen on the idea. But that didn’t stop Brick from proposing to me two months later while visiting the Baltimore Aquarium. I promptly turned him down. I actually had the nerve to be offended! But thankfully, Brick likes challenges. Three months later while I was visiting him at his new duty station in Pensacola, Florida, he worked up the nerve to ask me again. We were having dinner with his friends at an Irish pub called McGuire’s. He nonchalantly took me aside, pulled out a ring and said, “Will you please say yes this time?” I was stunned. And I was smitten that he would actually try this nonsense again. From first date to “I do” it was 11 months when we married in August of 1998.
We were a typical young financially challenged couple in 1998. We had a small church wedding in Pensacola. In attendance were my best friend from high school and Brick’s roommate from flight school and a few church members. That’s it. No family or other close friends. Brick’s parents were experiencing health issues and were unable to travel, and my parents, working for the State Department, had just relocated to South Africa only 3 days before we got married.
Brick and I had talked at length over the years of renewing our vows one day to give ourselves and our family the wedding we never had. I’m the only girl in my family and my father never had the opportunity to walk his only daughter down the aisle. We initially were planning on a nice round anniversary year like 20, but with 4 kids still at home we looked at upcoming high school graduations and club sport schedules and realized 2016 was going to be the least chaotic year to accomplish an all-out celebration. Waiting for the “perfect” strategic time to have a wedding was lunacy in our world of college tours, track meets, volleyball tournaments and dance competitions. We’re also a God fearing couple who have survived many trials and near break-ups of our marriage. We recognized the blessing of restoration God placed in and on our marriage and realized there is no better time than the present to celebrate a great thing!

What was wedding shopping like for you? As a female, I am probably a freak of nature because I HATE shopping. I did not want the fuss of an entourage going from store to store in search of the unobtainable perfect dress for my uniquely shaped body. I’m tall (5’10 ½”), plus size in some areas and not so much in others. Shopping for me ranges from difficult to mediocre. So much so, I decided I would not wear a wedding gown but a simple formal dress instead.
On a suggestion from one of my Matrons of Honor, she told me I could probably find a nice formal at Beverly Hills Bridal Emporium in Colleyville. I popped in one day completely prepared to be disappointed. The owner Michelle asked if I would entertain her by trying on a few wedding dresses when she and my Matron of Honor discovered I didn’t wear a wedding dress at my ceremony 18 years ago. She was too sweet to say no to so I obliged. Low and behold with only three tries I found a dress. I selected an ivory strapless sweetheart neckline and drop waist bodice gown, with a semi-full layered tulle skirt with sprinkles of hidden sequins, a corset back and stunning jeweled sash.
My feet are very much like my body. Unique. Size 12 and narrow. Again, I was not excited about the prospects of an oncoming headache to find shoes. I believe in comfort over cute and when I can throw in convenience I’m a happy lady. I purchased a pair of champagne colored satin TOMS and customized them with bling. With my dress being so long and myself being so tall no one knew the difference anyway…except for my happy feet!

Describe your wedding style. I am such a plain Jane but a romantic at heart. Brick on the other hand… the more outrageous the better! Our wedding planner Hitched Events and their army of vendors meshed our different styles to create a romantic glam affair without a stuffy formal feel.
We invited anyone and everyone to our church ceremony. We wanted our renewal to represent hope and God’s restoring power for others who may be struggling in their marriage. Afterwards we held a passed hors d’oeuvres reception at our church while at the same time, other guests traveled to our private reception.
Our wedding colors were purple and gold, which were used throughout the wedding and reception. The cocktail hour area at the Gaylord featured some lounge seating with pops of purple pillows and gorgeous floral arrangements.
Inside the ballroom, we had a head table with a rich, gold linen and purple and gold chargers. All the tables had a purple water goblet, gold-rimmed china and glassware, and gold flatware. We had a wedding logo which we used throughout the event, which had a large “H” for our last name and included “established 1998” on it. The logo was centered on the shiny white dance floor and looked amazing!
We always agreed our children would be involved in our renewal, so it was a no brainer that our three sons would be groomsmen and our three daughters would be the bridesmaids. One of our sons was unable to commit, so we asked a close friend of the family to fill in. Our Matrons of Honor and Best Men were friends in our lives that have positive and intimate influence on our Christian walk and marital health.

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? We are strong practicing Christians. Our faith is the center of who we are as individuals as well the focal point of our marriage and how we conduct our lives. We honored God by having Communion as a part of our renewal. Additionally, our Christian faith studies and respects many aspects of Jewish traditions and we incorporated this by using a chuppah, representing the home we have built together as well as having elders in our church sing a Jewish blessing over us.
Because we were celebrating our covenant of 18 years, Brick and I felt we couldn’t just focus on the two of us. Together we birthed our next generation, so after our exchange of vows we called up our 6 children, son-in-law and 2 grandchildren to read our family vows to them. We recognize we hold a responsibility to our legacy to be their principal examples of a Godly father and mother, husband and wife. It was important for us to model this during our renewal.

Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts: At the rehearsal the bridesmaids/matrons of honor were given tees with their names blinged on them. On the wedding day they were given satin robes with their names monogrammed on the back. The groomsmen were presented with monogrammed cufflinks.
Favorite item on the menu: Hands down the Twisted Bacon by Tastefully Yours Catering at our church reception was scrumptious beyond words! But dinner at the Gaylord Texan delivered the most tender and moist lobster tails we’ve ever had.
First dance song: "Back in My Arms" by Jaheim (live)

What is your best memory from your wedding? There are so many! Brick’s most memorable part of the wedding was the laughter we put into our vows to each other. At the same time the transparency of our past struggles was powerful and we received so many compliments on our honesty. Flying on cloud nine from the ceremony, it was a treat for him to take his bride up in a helicopter as we proceeded to the private reception at the Gaylord Texan Resort. I was so opposed to our helicopter exit at first, feeling it was too over the top. And having never been in a helicopter before, I didn’t quite feel my first time should be in a wedding dress! But my husband is an aviation enthusiast and would not budge. The flight not only turned out to be an efficient means to travel to our second reception, but a fantastic experience and photo op!
The first look was really a meaningful memory for me. The photographers selected a remote spot for Brick to wait for me. I felt like a giggly schoolgirl sneaking up to him. I was nervous and excited all at the same time for him to see me in a wedding dress for the first time. I would have never expected that after 18 years he would audibly gasp at the sight of me. It was such a tender moment for us to share together, alone from a crowd of eyes. The first look gave us time to cry and share sweet expressions to one another. We were so mesmerized by each other we completely forgot the photographer and videographer were there. Time stopped for us to relish that moment.
I also wanted to do something special for my honey. I thought about a flash mob but later settled on doing something he loves for me to do and that’s to sing. I called on a few girlfriends and we surprised Brick and sang an a cappella montage of Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Jagged Edge and mixed it up with some free style. It was the most nerve wrecking moment but one of the highlights of the night. Brick says he was shocked and said to himself, “That’s my wife singing to me.” How lucky can a man get?!!!

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? It’s not about the wedding day. We’ve told all of our kids that we would rather them go to the Justice of the Peace and have a million dollar marriage, than to spend a million dollars on a wedding and have a terrible marriage. Little details should never over shadow the big moments in your life. And planning a wedding is the perfect time for a couple to put the “agree to disagree”method into practice!
We were so ill-advised to think we could plan and execute our own wedding. We weren’t just over our head but completely out of our league!! Regardless the size, big, small or truly intimate a wedding coordinator is someone we would never advise on proceeding without. Hitched Events thought of everything, attended to everything, solved everything and did it all with a smile! Peace of mind is priceless on your wedding day…even if it’s 18 years later!

Bakery: Fancy Cakes By Lauren
Band: Limelight
Carting & Venue: The Gaylord Texan Hotel and Resort
Ceremony Musicians: Bravo Entertainment
Childcare: Black Tie Babysitting
Church: Covenant Church
Floral: Branching Out Floral & Event Design
Make Up:Kenni Chidiebere, Something You, Artistry, Shannon Caldwell
Hair Stylist: Ashley Johnson
Lighting: Beyond
Photographer: Jenny and Eddie Photography
Photo Booth: My Event Is The Bomb
Linens: BBJ Linens
Dance Floor: DFW Dance Floors
Party Rentals: Ducky Bob's
Special Event Rentals: M & M Rentals
Drapes: Quest Drape
Transportation: Air Center Helicopters, AJL International
Videographer: John Christopher Photographs + Films
Wedding Coordination: Kimberly Rhodes, Hitched Events
Wedding Dress: Moonlight
Reception Dress: Bari Jay
Wedding Dress Salon: Beverly Hills Bridal Emporium (Colleyville)
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Shoes: TOMS

  1. Raymon M. Powers

    My cousin Alejandro House and his wife Kasey’s vow renewal was featured in this bridal magazine. Thank you for featuring the wedding and our family.. It was an awesome wedding/vow renewal and I am grateful I was able to go.. Love my family – Love you cousin Ali “Brick” #HouseFam #PowersFam #HouseParty #TeamHouse #TeamPowers #TeamPowerHouse

  2. Shannon Caldwell Dowling

    Something You… Beauty loved being part of this gorgeous day!

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