Bridal Fashion: Inside the Opium Den with the THEIA Fall 2016 Bridal Collection

THEIA unleashed the uninhibited bride with their fall 2016 bridal collection. It's a look inside their Opium Den, a 1920s theme with chic but venomous qualities. Spanish tulle, bold reds, and Geisha prints gives the collection the seductive edge the designer was aiming for. Looks accessorized by diamonds and emeralds added an opulence that could only be found in Azabu. While the collection celebrated the unconventional bride, THEIA still managed to to reflect a sense of traditionalism with snow white and ivory gowns in luxe satins. Take a look THEIA's fall 2016 bridal collection below.

  1. BarnesNafissa

    The dresses are so beautiful. I like this kind of wedding dresses


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