Vintage Airport Themed Engagement Session in Alabama – Photos by Milanes Photography

This couple has the most interesting meeting story: Brittany McAlpin met Bobby Sharp when she went into the phone store to pick out a new cell phone. Bobby just happened to be the salesman who assisted her - and who made sure to give her his business card, as well. After two phone calls to Bobby for help with her cell phone about a month after their acquaintance, Bobby was "sharp" enough to ask Brittany out on a special date. :) Bobby proposed to Brittany by surprising her with a proposal over dinner with family. She was doubly surprised because she thought the dinner out had been her idea. Gotta love surprises!

Their Birmingham airport-themed e-session was shot by Milanes Photography.

On Inspiration for the Session ..... "Long before I met Bobby, I had envisioned doing a vintage themed airport shoot. Well, it just so happens that Bobby is an air traffic controller; so, doing our formal photo shoot at the airport was a nice way to tie in Bobby's career with our engagement pictures. I searched for months for the right outfit and color scheme for this shoot, as I've seen airport photo shoots done before and wanted ours to really stand out. I put together a vision board and began locating vendors that I could order from. I found my dress from a vintage clothing vendor on Etsy. Other touches to the shoot that I put together were our accessories, and vintage luggage that I rented through a local vendor. While the airport session was my niche, Bobby handled the carnival-themed part of the shoot. We went to rival colleges, and this casual shoot allowed us to express our school pride, in a very fun environment. He found school shirts that we could wear that would match our tennis shoes that he had bought for the shoot. The grey, orange, and white colors blended in so well with the carnival lights and really showcased just how much fun being in love is!"


{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "Her big, bright eyes drew me in. I love them and her smile. Her ambition for success is probably the non-tangible quality I love most."

She loves ..... "His honesty - Bobby is the first man that I've ever dated that has been so consistent with his honesty. I've learned to trust him a way that I never thought was possible because of his sincerity and honesty."


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