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With everything that comes along with planning your wedding, the cake tasting can literally be one of the most thrilling and fulfilling parts of the process. Rest assured that you'll be more than prepared for all the yummy goodness that's headed your way with the advice from our Coterie Member, Sugar EuphoriaBelow you'll find everything you need for a top tier tasting.

From Randi of Sugar Euphoria

Some of the most exciting moments of wedding planning are those when you get to fully engage your senses. Moments like seeing your venue,  listening to the song for your first dance, smelling the flowers that will make up your bouquet, feeling the fabric of your wedding dress, and last but definitely not least, tasting the amazingness that will become your wedding cake. That’s where I come in.

Wedding cake tastings and consultations are perhaps one my favorite interactions with bridal clients. I get to witness their excitement and help them through one of the MANY tasks on their wedding to-do list, and it doesn’t hurt that cake usually puts people in a pretty good mood.  While it may seem like the cake tasting should be one of the easiest part of wedding planning (and rightfully so!), I do find that my brides often have some of the same questions. So are here are some answers to questions that may come up when setting up your wedding cake tasting.

Who to bring:

  • I highly recommend bringing  your groom! A cake tasting is such a fun part of the wedding process - you get to indulge in yummy cake, champagne, and coffee.  Also, if someone else is gifting the cake to you, like your parents, it is a great idea to bring them along.  Oh!  You're bridesmaids are always welcome!
  • Your Story
    My friend Annie, of Greatest Story Creative , encourages her couples to infuse their love story into their wedding. I absolutely love this philosophy to wedding planning and think it's a wonderful approach to take with your wedding cake.  Maybe the groom's love on Star Wars, or you own two adorable puppies, or maybe you met over a game of cornhole.  All of these are really adorable ways to infuse your cake or dessert table with your love story.
  • Design Elements
    I always encourage couples to bring items like a copy of their invitation suite, their color swatches, or even their secret Pinterest board (the one that every bride has, including myself).  You can even bring a photo that shows just a peek of your dress - I promise we'll hide it from the groom.
  • Your Dream Cake
    Maybe you already have your dream cake picked out and that's fine.  However, we won't be able to make an exact replica due to copyright infringement. If you can't pin down one design, that's OK too!  We can pull elements from a few different designs to create your dream cake.  

What to try:

  • Whatever piques your interest!  At Sugar Euphoria we have a ton of really awesome flavors, ranging from super traditional to really unique.  I find that most brides will pick one or two flavors that they think are 'safe'. These are usually vanilla-based cakes, maybe with strawberry or lemon filling, and are typically the bottom tier or the second-to-bottom tier.  As the tiers get smaller, the flavors get crazier and more personal to the couple.  That was a super long way of saying, "try a pretty broad range of flavors, ones that you like and ones that your guests may like".

What to ask:

  • Is my wedding date available?
  • How many wedding cakes do you schedule on the same day?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Do you bake out of a commercial kitchen or from home?
  • How far in advance do you create the wedding cake?  Is the cake ever frozen?
  • Do you have a portfolio of previous wedding cakes?
  • Is it possible to get references from past brides?
  • How are your cakes priced? Does the design determine the price?
  • Can you completely replicate a design that I found elsewhere?
  • Do you have rental items such as cake toppers, stands, and cutters? If so, what is the cost?
  • We love the look of a huge cake, but don't need that many servings?  How can we keep the cake without our budget?
  • We want to use fresh flowers on our cake.  Will you work with our florist on our wedding day, will you provide the flowers yourself, or do I have to bring the flowers to you?
  • What ingredients do you use?  Do you bake from scratch or do you use a cake mix?
  • What kind of icing do you use?
  • We have a few dietary restrictions.  Are you willing to work with us to accommodate our guests?
  • Is it possible to get a written proposal and sketch to take home?
  • Do you deliver?  If so, how much does it cost?
  • Who delivers the cake?  Will they be able to make repairs to the cake and arrange the cake table?

That’s about it! Have a question that didn’t get covered here? Let’s chat! Email me at Happy wedding planning!

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