Caribbean Inspired New York Wedding Celebration: Syneathea + Chris

God directed Syneathea and Chris’s steps and both were wide awake and open to walking down those paths, bringing them to meet at a church revival. Just one year after Syneathea received a message in prayer about meeting her other half, the two came together and had a beautiful courtship. The very happy couple enjoyed every single moment of their big day which you can see in every shot in the gallery. A must see to bring a smile on any face.

Wedding Date: September 7, 2014
Wedding Location: St. Albans Presbyterian & Verdi’s
First Dance Song:Faithfully” by Journey
Favorite Item on the Menu: Apple martini!

Tell us about how you met and all about the proposal!

A year prior to meeting my husband, I was in church on the prayer line and the preacher told me that God was going to bless me with a husband who was going to knock the socks off of my feet. He was going to show and give love like I did. This man who is now my husband was going to sweep me off of my feet. So I spent a year wondering in my mind what he was going to look like, if he was going to be funny, would he know how to dance and where I would meet him? I couldn't wait to meet the individual that God gifted me with in the next year. God told me when I was going to meet him and what he was going to be like and he is everything that God told me, on a hot sunny day in a revival service at Highway and Hedges Church of God In Christ.

Wedding Style

My wedding dress was simple ivory and age appropriate. My shopping day was calm, not stressful and I knew I had found my dress as soon as I tried it on in the store. I went shopping with my mom and God sister, Ashleigh. It was a great day! Everything went quick and smooth. My mother chose my dress and it was perfect for me.


Since I was a young girl, I always wanted rum cake to give out on my wedding day as a favor. Since my husband is Carribean, I was able to incorporate that as my favor. Ironically, my best friend remembered that I wanted this so she had my Aunt bless me with this as a bridal shower gift. I cried like a baby when my Aunt Sharon gave me my bridal shower card stating that she was gifting me the rum cake. Seeing them remember the small desires of my heart, I was so thankful.


One of my best memories is my husband crying throughout our entire wedding ceremony. Also, seeing him dance his heart out since I didn't know he could dance until the day of our wedding at our reception. And laughing so much because I really enjoyed my day. It was the best day ever. My birthday and wedding day all in one. I really had a blast.

Help a bride-to-be out!

Get counseling. Be truthful and take a vow to always put each other first. Promise each other that you will never let the fire go out. Love, laugh, and enjoy each other. Just relax and enjoy your wedding day because it flies by so quick. Don't cut corners, especially when it comes to your vendors. Get the best vendor to meet your needs so that you can relax!


Photographer: Origin Photos
Hair: Hair by Cathy
Makeup: Makeup by Cinderella
Ceremony Venue: St. Albans Presbyterian
Reception Venue: Verdi’s Long Island

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