Celeste’ and Vincent’s Art Museum Wedding in Birmingham

When Vincent decided to take up an associate's advice in accepting a health challenge he never could've guessed how much it would improve his life. His health would certainly be changed but not for the purpose of the challenge. Upon meeting Celeste', the consulting physician of the health challenge, Vincent would find in her his soul's mate, and the woman who would one day be his wife.

Read all about Celeste' & Vincent's love story and experiences in their beautiful art museum wedding with historic Sloss Furnace first-look.

Bride & Groom: Celeste' & Vincent
Occupations: Groom - Plant Manager; Manufacturing. Bride - Urgent Care Physician.
Wedding date: November 12,2016
Wedding location: Birmingham Museum of Art

Tell us how you met. Groom - An associate shared that he wanted me to speak with his doctor about a health challenge and dropping a few pounds. I agreed to meet her for breakfast on my way to an Alabama game to meet friends. This woman was trying to sell me these shakes, but I wasn’t paying any attention to the shakes and all the information she was giving. I was looking at this woman with these big pretty eyes. I thought I was smooth with my wit and my game until she told me I needed to lose 10-20 lbs! I could tell that she was as savvy a business woman as she was beautiful and that made me like her even more. But I did not bite on the first meeting. I dragged it out so I could see her once more. Later when I went to the Alabama football game, instead of enjoying the game with friends, she was still on my mind.
I knew I was going to sign up because I wanted to see her again, but I wasn’t going to make it easy for her. She invited me to two more events and one big event in Atlanta to learn more about the opportunity from the company. That evening after the event in Atlanta, we met to discuss the opportunity and what my thoughts were at that point. But instead of talking about the business opportunity, we talked about any and everything else as we started to get to know each other. We have been inseparable ever since.

Bride - Over two years ago, Vince was asked by a friend to join a health challenge. I was an Ambassador with ViSalus (90 Day Challenge) and a meeting was set up for me to meet with him to discuss the health challenge and give my opinion from a professional standpoint as to the benefits of joining the Challenge.
As we talked about the Challenge, I could tell he was not going to join right away, as he had very specific and challenging questions for what seemed like an easy decision.
So I was thinking, with his build and arms like his, clearly he works out! So why is this guy giving me such a hard time? It’s a 90 calorie shake dude, I said to myself! It is more healthy than the fried fish and grits he is eating right now, as I sipped on my shake.
I invited him for two more local events, then our national meeting in Atlanta. We met following the event to discuss his final decision, but we talked about everything else but the Challenge. What I recall the most is this Handsome gentleman sitting across from me with a compelling and charming voice saying, "So Dr. Reese, I need you to explain to me what a woman like you is doing single?” And we have been inseparable ever since.

What was wedding shopping like for you? Exciting! As I waited later in life to marry, I had the opportunity to go wedding shopping with my two sisters and had seen an array of dresses. I have always loved Vera Wang dresses. Once engaged I looked online and saw the Fiona gown. I went shopping to 3 different wedding boutiques in Atlanta and Birmingham, but none of the dresses caught me like the Fiona. I then went with my sister to Chicago and saw it in person and fell in love with it! A symmetrically draped sleeveless mermaid gown with full skirt with ladder technique.

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? Our pastor conducted a Sands Ceremony during the wedding. The theme for the wedding was Old Hollywood Glam - From the bridal veil, to the bridesmaids dresses, hair and makeup, antique car, color of lipstick, flowers, etc. For our first dance, we were serenaded by Tony Terry singing "When I'm With You" and transitioned to dancing an Old School Chicago step, "The Way Nature Planned It." My husband is originally from Chicago, so we thought it would be cool to incorporate this into our first dance. Only problem is I had two left feet when it came to this dance so we took lessons, which was so much fun!

Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts: Groomsmen gifts - Monogrammed toiletry bag with shave kit, D&G Black cologne, manicuring & grooming kit and a bottle of their favorite beverage. Bridesmaids gifts - Monogrammed bridal bags with monogrammed makeup pouch, monogrammed robes for for the wedding day, bracelet & earrings, Manolo Blahnik shoes, personalized tumblers, MAC lipstick RED, ballerina flats for wedding day.
Favorite item on the menu: The medallion beef reduction entree prepared by our caterer was amazing.
First dance song: Tony Terry - "With You" and "The Way Nature Planned It."

What is your best memory from your wedding?
Groom - The moment I saw Mr. Reese walking Celeste' down the aisle. Reality set in at that moment, that I realized I was getting ready to marry the woman that I loved. From all the flirting, all the dating, our first kiss, all of our trips together and falling in love were culminating into that moment, and all I could think was, I'm getting ready to marry my soulmate.
Bride - My best memory was the "pseudo- first glance" set up by Ross (our photographer). I remember walking down the long railway of Sloss Furnace (my head bowed and guided by my best friends & bridesmaids) to meet Vince so that we could share a private moment. A private moment wherein we may hold hands and talk, but would not see one another. I remember being placed back to back and then feeling the ever-firm but calming yet electrifying grip of my handsome fiance. And then, he prayed for the Lord to come into this place and time at this special moment in our lives. It took everything to not open the flood gate of tears, but all I thought was "Thank you Lord for the blessing of this man in my life."

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? Groom - Make sure you choose a solid best man and maid/matron of honor to hold you down on your special day. There will be a lot that goes on and you will need the support.
Bride - If you decide to have a wedding ceremony and reception make sure you focus on filling the room with the love - the LOVE, the two of you share, and your wedding will be all that you desire and more.

What are some things you love most about each other? Groom - Celeste' is one of the silliest people I know. Most people underestimate how silly she is because she is always so serious with her job. Celeste is the first woman I have ever been able to take to see a football game and basketball game ( Pro & College) and she enjoys it AND understands it. Celeste truly uses her gifts to bless others.
Bride - Vince is one of the most giving and loving people I know. He is a wonderful father, hard worker, loving brother and son. This is awesome but what is amazing is that he is consistently these things. He has an amazing voice but will rarely sing. I broke my hip while we were dating (6 months in) after getting stuck in a snowstorm. This man took care of me; then traveled with me to a business meeting I had to make in Chicago. Pushing me in a wheel chair down snow-covered streets in downtown Chicago, because something that was important to me was important to him. I had never shared this on this level with anyone. At that very moment, I was in love.

Wedding Dress Designer: Vera Wang Chicago
Bridesmaids dresses: Bella Bridesmaids Birmingham
Bridal Hair Stylist (bride, bridesmaids and MOB): Stacy G Studios - Atlanta
Groom's Custom Tuxedo - The Modern Gent, Atlanta, GA
Groomsmen' Tuxedos - The Modern Gent
Groomsmen Barber (Groom and Groomsmen): Kingz Court - Jacksonville, FL
Makeup: Bernadette Edwards - Birmingham
Shoes (bride, bridesmaids, MOB) - Manolo Blahnik
Shoes (groom) - Salvatore Ferragamo
Ceremony & Reception location: Birmingham Museum of Art
Photography: Ross Oscar Knight Photography, Atlanta
Videography: Sandra Bridges Cinematography, Atlanta and Orlando
Florist: Dykes Culp
Wedding Planners/Event Designers: Karen Delaine and Margaret Jones Birmingham, AL
Cake: Olexa's Cakes, Mountain Brook, AL
Stationery: ABC Printing, Montgomery, AL
Jewelry: Greg Sanders, Birmingham, AL
Music: Ceremony - Netra & Just Cause Band
Cocktail Hour - G Soul
Reception - Special Guest Tony Terry
DJ - DJ Mike Atlanta

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