A Charming Music Themed E-Session in Dallas, Texas

From the beginning, Krystal Howard and Amory Walker’s love was a God-inspired journey.  They met in 2011 at Krystal’s church, One Community Church (One) in Plano, TX, where they quickly formed a friendship over their love of music and ministry. After months of hanging out every week, and enjoying days filled with questions, laughter and excitement, Amory realized that he was ready to ask Krystal to officially become his girlfriend. She accepted, and it soon became clear to Krystal that God had brought her the love of her life.

Amory decided to surprise Krystal with a creative holiday proposal. On December 22, 2013, he took Krystal out to dinner and convinced her that they should exchange Christmas gifts at the restaurant.  When dinner was over Krystal opened her gift, and it was a blindfold. Amory then blindfolded her, escorted her outside, and sat her inside of a limousine. By the time Krystal realized she was in a limousine, she was silenced by the voice of Duane Coleman singing "You Are So Beautiful." Amory removed the blindfold, got down on one knee and asked Krystal to marry him.  They spent the rest of their night opening gifts, looking at Christmas lights, watching movies in the limousine and ice staking at Frisco Square.

Since these lovebrids are both musicians, it only made sense that their e-session have a musical theme. They teamed up with Team Howard Photography to create an unforgettable e-session that was a charming display of their personalities and their love.

Wedding Date:  08/02/2014

Describe your engagement session?

Both of us are musicians so it was only right that we had a musical theme. We took pictures with a upright piano, sheet music and music records. We found a piano restoration shop that allowed us to roll the piano out into a field to have our session. The owners of this shop were so helpful- they didn't charge us a penny! Our photographer creatively directed us with a variety of poses on the piano. This was an unforgetable session. My favorite shot is us standing in the midst of sheet paper flying around in the air. Our photographer created the unthinkable shots! I will never forget this session!

With regards to your wedding, what are you looking forward to most?

Being married and celebrating with family and friends!

Photos by

Team Howard Photography

  1. Elizabeth's Cake Emporium

    Simply beautiful!

  2. Alicia

    Beautiful…… I love it

  3. Quinta Whitson

    I shed tears going through this. Praying for the best of God’s blessings for you both!


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