Chereece and Uche’s Relaxed and Radiant Engagement Session in Texas

When Uche first came across Chereece's online dating profile he was in captivated. She was everything he had been looking for and more. Their online messages quickly turned into video chats and eventually, they met in person. Uche didn't waste any time and just three months after their first hello he asked Chereece to be his wife.

Read all about Chereece and Uche's whirlwind romance as well as their relaxed and radiant engagement session in Texas.

Bride & Groom: Chereece & Uche
Occupations: Chemical Engineer & Veterinarian
Wedding date: March 26, 2018
Wedding location: Noah's Event Venue of Katy, Texas
Location of Engagement shoot: Houston, Texas

Tell us about how you met and all about the proposal. We met on eHarmony. I had just finished graduate school, and was ready to step into the next phase of life, and I knew it was time to find my wife. I knew i needed to have a best friend, and a life time companion for this next phase of my life's journey. I prayed and trusted God to lead me to a good woman. He led me to an amazing woman, more that any man could ever ask for.

I heard about eHarmony and decided to take my search there... eHarmony was pairing me with nice ladies, but I wasn't seeing my wife in them. So I decided to do a manual search, and voila, there she was. The smile was first attraction, then I focused and took in the beauty she exuded. It was a Sunday evening, I sent her a smiley along with a short message of how beautiful her smile was, and how I'd love to meet the personality behind that smile. She replied me the next day and we started chatting. The connection was there from the first chat. We progressed to to calls, and then video calls, then she came down to Houston, and I took her out on our first real date.

When I set my eyes on Chereece in real life for the first time, I knew exactly how Adam felt when Eve was first introduced to him... my heart said to me, "this is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh." Chereece was more than I was expecting. She was the girl of my dreams and more. I wasted no time. I came correct and straight. I told her I wanted her to be my best friend. I wanted to love her and marry her in the near future. When you see what you're looking for, why waste your time beating about the bush? Our friendship, which is our focus, has grown since then.

Chereece and I were engaged three months after our first hello. When you find what you're looking for, you don't waste a second to ensure you have it. It was a private moment. We were on a date at a park, waiting our turn for one of the rides. I held her and looked into her eyes while we were talking and I knew at that moment I was holding a priceless treasure that I don't ever want to lose. I thought there was no better moment than now to seal it with a ring of commitment. I went down on one knee, and asked her to do life with me as my wife and she said yes!

Describe your engagement session. Our engagement session was simply beautiful. It was amazing. We told Teshorn we wanted natural scenery and we wanted to be ourselves with no special fixed poses. We wanted it to be about two lovers having a good time. He did an excellent job!

What did you do on your first date? Our first date was about two months after we first met online and it was at Panera Bread. I was already in love with the person called Chereece. Her deep love for God was it for me. Her desire to live her life on His terms, by His word and regardless of how she appeared in form, i was ready to love her. On our first date, we talked. Like, really talked. She says our first date was a full day, literally. We met for breakfast, then went to The Main Event for some fun, then dinner and a movie.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? We like to read and talk about what we're learning, and especially what we're learning from the bible, and our wall with God.

How has wedding planning been so far? Wedding planning has been pretty good. Chereece has been doing am amazing job of ensuring things are going smoothly, with the help of our amazing wedding planner, Reytheda of Simple and Chic Events. She says, "We've had some challenges and road blocks, but all have brought us closer. I love that Uche is a very involved groom. Planning a wedding in Texas from Alaska is difficult so his input and help, along with our diligent planner, has made things so much more enjoyable."

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. The vows. That, for Chereece and I, is the most important part of our wedding day. We're taking every word we'd be uttering in those vows seriously.

Photography - Teshorn Jackson Photography
Makeup - Irie Jade Beauty
Planner - Reytheda Jackson, Simple and Chic Events -

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