A Chic Wedding In North Carolina

Have you ever looked at a photograph and felt like you’ve gotten the story, felt the emotion behind it, or have been transported to that time and place? That’s exactly how I felt when I saw the images of today’s wedding. It all began with a friendly dare.

Maria and Andregus met in 1999 during their freshman year at Fayetteville State University. She was a cheerleader and he was on the football team. As the year progressed, the two of them became associates and would speak and joke around each other. Maria and her friend liked to sit in their dorm room window, adjacent to a well-populated walkway to the student center, and joke with the people walking by sicne they couldn’t see who they were talking to. One day, Andregus and his friend Shawn (now the best man) stopped by the window and chatted with Maria and her friend. During the conversation, they dared the guys to jump through the window. Neither of them thought that they would actually be brave enough to sneak into the dorm room. But, when the coast was clear, they jumped in! Everyone got a laugh out of it and that became one of the greatest memories talked about regarding the early stages of their friendship.

In 2008, Maria and Andregus reconnected via MySpace. They filled each other in on how their lives had been after graduating college. During one of the conversations, Andregus asked Maria if she would be attending their college’s upcoming homecoming. When she expressed that she would be going, he was happy to see her there. After homecoming, they continued to keep in touch. They officially became a couple in 2009 and it all started with a simple dare!

You will love their traditional-chic wedding.  They chose a modern and vibrant color palette of fuchsia and royal purple with silver accents, and every detail was exquisitely captured by Best Perspectives Photography.

Quick Facts

  • Wedding Date: 4.12.14
  • Wedding Location: Ceremony~ The Great Aunt Stella Center; Reception~ Center Stage @NoDa in North Carolina
  • Wedding Flowers:  Green and purple flowers, including hydrangeas, green orchids and purple calla lilies, with pops of fuchsia.
  • Wedding Theme: Traditional-chic. They chose a modern and vibrant color palette of fuchsia and royal purple with silver accents.
  • Favorite Accessory: Maria wore a pair of Givenchy crystal drop earrings.
  • First Dance Song: “Forever” by Dave Hollister.
  • Wedding Cake Flavors: Maria and Andregus had a 4-tier wedding cake with cascading flowers. Each layer was a different flavor; red velvet with cream cheese filling, vanilla cake with chocolate ganache & hazelnut mousse, vanilla cake with strawberry mousse, and chocolate cake with chocolate mouse and ganache.
  • Wedding Menu Favorite: During the cocktail hour, the guests enjoyed a mash-tini bar. The mashed potatoes had various toppings and were served in martini glasses.  This was a huge hit with all of the guests.
  • Bridesmaids Gifts: The bridesmaids’ gifts were robes, in their favorite color, with their names embroidered on them, from Wedding Prep Gals.
  • Groomsmen Gifts: The groomsmen gifts were black travel bags with their names embroidered on the front, purchased from Etsy.



The Proposal

As told by Andregus. “Maria was just returning home from work. She was talking to her mother on the phone when she walked upstairs to the bedroom. She saw a gift bag on the bed and asked me what it was. I said, “Oh, it’s nothing.” So, she started back talking to her mom. After she got off the phone, she asked me again what was in the bag. I told her that I was holding a gift for my fraternity brother because his wife’s birthday was coming up and he didn’t want it at his house. She seemed to buy that story so I said, “Ok, I’m lying. It’s for you.” She gets excited because she loves little gag gifts.  She looks in the bag and pulls out a pack of socks, gum, and a California car scent. Maria would always grab my ankle socks to wear to the gym, so I got her a pack so that she could stop taking mine. I always leave my gum on the dresser and Maria would eat most of it, so I got her a pack for the week. Lastly, she would always complain about me not getting her an air freshener for her car when I got one for mine.

By this time, we are laughing at these items in the bag. I inform her that there is something else in the bottom of the bag. Maria sees a white box, not small enough to be a ring box, and opens it. Inside was a small ring box! She opened it and immediate the tears started o fall. I tell her that there’s a not in the bag and to read it. She reads the not and it says “Will you be Mrs. Holmes? Check YES, NO, or MAYBE.” As she’s reading the note, I walk over to the side of the bed, get on one knee and place the ring on her finger. Through the tears, she said YES! I told Maria that she had to check the “YES” box on the paper to make it official!”

Wedding Style

Maria wore a dramatic and whimsical Maggie Sottero Jalissa wedding gown with an asymmetrical sweetheart neckline, fitted bodice, and full skirt. The layers of her gown created a swirl pattern that looked like rosettes. She also had a custom-made crystal rhinestone and pearl beaded sash that made it all come together so beautifully.

Incorporation of Culture

After the pastor announced Maria and Andregus husband and wife, the happy couple partook in the “jumping of the broom” ritual, which began deep in the heart of Africa and has been handed down from generation to generation.

Most Memorable Moment

Maria and Andregus are both members of a sorority and fraternity. Andregus is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and Maria’s a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Their favorite moment was when their organizations sang their hymns; the two of them felt a sense of unity and pride. The crowed was also entertained by the “show” the Omegas put on to their song “Atomic Dog”. Maria says that their wedding was full of love and laughter and that the spring weather was perfect; the décor and flowers were beautiful, and having their friends and family come together to celebrate their union made it complete!

Help A Bride-To-Be Out

The best wedding advice Maria and Andregus could give to engaged couples is to cherish the entire process. “It can get overwhelming at times, but once that day arrives, you’ll realize all the planning made it well worth it. Get rest the night before and once the wedding day arrives, cherish every moment from getting dressed, taking pictures, and greeting family and friends. It’s truly one of the most important and fulfilling days of your life”.

Photographer: Best Perspectives Photography


  1. Maria Antoinette

    Thank you so much!!! Love it :-)

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    So beautiful Maria. Congrats to you both :)

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    Stunning gown!

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    I must have missed this wedding on Facebook. Nice looking couple & beautiful wedding! Congrats Soror!

  5. Tamika Sheats

    Must say the wedding of the year by far. The attention to detail was remarkable. You can tell a lot of love and dedication went into your special day, and your photographer captured each moment wonderfully. God bless the both of you!!!


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