Chinenye and Obi’s Elegant Love Engagement in Miami

With their respective brothers-in-law being best friends, Chinenye and Obi would periodically cross paths at family gatherings. After being officially introduced it would only be a matter of time before realizing they had "way too much be just friends." Within a year it was clear that their feelings for each other were consistently growing with no end in sight - in Chinenye's words, "it grew more and more and he literally swept me off my feet."

Read all about Chinenye & Obi's love story, proposal, and wedding aspirations, in their elegant love engagement in Miami - captured by MunaLuchi Coterie member Reem Photography.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Chinenye & Obi
Occupation: Nursing student & Product Engineer
Wedding Date(s): 26th & 28th December 2019
Wedding Location: Nigeria
Engagement Session Location: Fontainebleau Miami

Tell us how you met. Obi and I met through family hangouts. His brother in-law and my brother in-law are best friends and at that time we were both living with our sisters so we were always in the mix of their various family hangouts. When we first met, it was a casual friendship for about 1 year (he said this happened cause he thought I was 16 at that time) after a series of hangouts, calls, texts, etc.. we knew there was way too much chemistry for us to be just friends. So about one year later, he asked me out on my 20th birthday (October 3rd, 2014). It took me a while to totally commit to the relationship cause I was in denial that indeed there could be a man on this earth that had all these qualities I thought existed just in movies (that man freaking loves me, yes I am speaking for him). I thought it was all going to die-down sooner or later but as time went on, it grew more and more and he literally swept me off my feet.

Tell us all about the proposal. Three years and 6 months later, on April 7th 2019, my best friend asked me to be his forever! Our proposal video says it all, my emotions were off the roof. All I could think of was wow, God must really love me. It was a Saturday, after a long clinical shift, I was heading home to get ready for an award function he told me about 3 weeks ago. He said he was going to be recognized at the event so I made sure we both looked great for that honorary moment. He picked me up, I got on the phone and was literally talking with a friend till we got there and I have to say, the whole time I didn't suspect a thing cause he was so calm and it was like any other day. We got there and he parked a couple blocks away from the venue and said we would walk (mind you it's winter time). I disagreed at first but later agreed cause he pointed out a quicker way to get there on foot. So we were walking towards the Detroit downtown riverside, I heard Nigerian music playing in the background and I thought to myself, which Nigerian is possibly being this extra on a cold day like this. So as soon as I got to the corner I looked in the direction of the music, and there they were, my sister, her husband and kids, my brother, his brother and his girlfriend, my girlfriends, which included one of my best friends' and she came all the way from NYC - balloons, sign posts etc. All I wanted to do was disappear but since I couldn't, I ran away! Took him a min to literally drag me back there and then he got on his knee and asked me to make him happy forever! Couldn't be happier...

Describe your engagement session. Our engagement session wasn't themed. All we wanted were great pictures that would be used towards the wedding preparations and that was why we got them done as early as we did. It was a hot Miami day but Photos by Reem made us look hotter than the sun!

What did you do on your first date? Our first date was at the movies. Simple and perfect.

What are your favorite things to do as a couple? Oh! we love to travel. Our schedules don't always allow for that but I can see many more of those in the future for us.

How has wedding planning been so far? Planning a Nigerian wedding is no joke and having to plan it from the States, is even crazier but i'm rocking it. Instagram has become my bestfriend. And making a priority list is definitely a winner. The hardest part is not physically being there cause now I have to rely on the opinions of others to book various things like venue, food etc

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day? For me, I am looking forward to his reaction when he sees me walking down that aisle all glam'd-up!

Photography - Reem Photography
Makeup Artistry - Faced by Jojo
Hair Styling - The K Experience
Stylist - (Bride-to-be)

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