Christina and Foster’s Elegant North Carolina Wedding with West African Tradition

Having met through mutual college friends, these two capricorns seemed destined from the start as they were both born on the same day. It is said that some of the strongest qualities of those born under this sign are loyalty and dependability, and that when together two capricorns can accomplish anything. Considering they look for partners that will last a lifetime this is a match made in astrological heaven.

The wedding party color themes are tasteful and stylish, complimenting each other very well, and the bride is simply stunning in her strapless mermaid gown. With Christina being from Nigeria and Foster from Ghana, their elegant wedding featured beautiful elements of West African culture and traditions. Wonderfully expressed in second and third outfit ensembles, representing both heritages.

Read all about Christina & Fosters loves story and romantic five year anniversary dinner proposal in Ghana!

Bride & Groom: Christina & Foster
Occupations: Bride - Sales Engineer, Groom - Financial Representative​
Wedding Date: September 3, 2016​
Wedding Location: The Rickhouse, Downtown Durham, North Carolina​

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal: We met by way of our college friends. Although we went to college together (UNC Tarheels!) we never really interacted until we graduated. His best friend (and line brother) and my best friend (and line sister) who are husband and wife had a hand in setting us up. The real kicker was that we found out that we had the same birthday (January 16th). He messaged me on Facebook and said it was a sign that we should go out, LOL!​ ​So we did and a relationship blossomed from there.​

Spring of 2015 we took a trip to Ghana so I could officially meet his parents (who currently reside there) and see where he grew up. The day we arrived in Ghana was our 5 year anniversary of dating so we wanted to celebrate by going out to dinner with family. After a fun night out with our siblings and friends I gave him an anniversary card with a sweet note. A​fter he read my card, I thought "Hey, that was a really sweet card!" and he should be more excited. Little did I know he had a one-up on me that he was trying to keep a surprise all night. He hands me a card with beautiful words and by the time I got to the end it read "Would you do me the honor of being my wife" and a ring emerged! I just kept saying "OMG!, OMG!". He had to coax me down from my excitement to see if the OMGs meant yes and they did!

What was wedding shopping like for you? Strapless, mermaid gown with ruching. I went wedding shopping with my Mom and my sisters and it was great.​

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? Yes! Foster is from Ghana and I am from Nigeria so we wanted to really incorporate some traditional elements of our West African culture. After our initial ceremony dress and tux we changed into outfits that expressed the Nigerian side (me in a lace gown and him in an outfit that incorporated lace elements and embroidery). We had one more outfit for the Ghanaian side: we both wore outfits with sewn in Kente cloth that is a fabric rooted in Ghanaian culture. Our friends close to the family wore traditional outfits in coordinating colors to show their support.

Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts: Bridesmaids Gifts: Embroidered tote bags with emergency kits and jewelry. Groomsmen Gifts: Shirts & Tie (they wore for the wedding)​
Favorite item on the menu: BBQ​
First dance song: "Stay with You" by John Legend, sung by Foster's Frat brother, Mitch Baker.

What is your best memory from your wedding? Walking down the aisle and seeing ​Foster's smile. It took all the jitters away and I couldn't wait to get to him!

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? Hire a really good planner​ ​and don't cut corners where it matters most. It takes most of the stress out of planning. ​


Photographer: Lady Iman Photography
Planner: Nouveau Events
Videographer: Vicissitude Productions
MUA: Charlyko Beauty
Florist: Embellished Blooms
Lighting and Draping: Get Lit
Chalkboard Artistry: MW Calligraphy
Wedding Cake: Ashley Cakes
Rentals: CE Rentals
DJ: DJ KayCal
Caterers: City Barbeque
Officiant: Reverend Dr. Renita Webb
Venue: The Rickhouse
Wedding Dress: Allure Bridal (at Anjolique Bridal in Charlotte, NC)
Bridemaids Dresses: Weddington Way
Ceremony and Reception Stationary: Etsy

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