Christine and Nana’s Gorgeous Chapel Wedding in Toronto

MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Winter 2017 Feature: Christine and Nana
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Christine and Nana’s love story began as childhood sweethearts, both being members of their church’s children’s choir. They remained close friends until high school when they finally admitted their feelings for each other and began to officially date. College would take them in different directions in life, but they both knew that their strong chemistry couldn’t be denied, and so upon graduation they decided to give dating another try – becoming inseparable ever after.

Continue reading all about Christine and Nana's love story, romantic proposal, and experiences in their gorgeous chapel wedding in Toronto. Featuring wedding planning by MunaLuchi Coterie member, A Touch of Grace Events. View the entire selected gallery by Alicia Thurston Photography here.

Bride & Groom: Christine & Nana
Wedding Location: Toronto, Canada
Wedding Date: October 14th 2017

For the proposal, Nana employed the assistance of Christine’s friend Barbara in helping convince her to attend the “re-opening party of a banquet hall.” He arranged for her hairdresser to offer her a “free give-away hair appointment” for her most valued customers. And on August 6th, with freshly styled hair and dressed to impress, Christine showed up to the “re-opening party” with Barbara only to find there was no one else there. Barbara led Christine down a hall and opened the door to a room beautifully decorated with candles and rose petals. At the end of the hall stood Nana. Their favorite song, “My Boo,” by Alicia Keys softly played in the background. Nana extended his hand to the love of his life, and as Christine walked to take it he dropped to one knee and asked her to spend the rest of their lives together as husband and wife. With all certainty, Christine answered “yes,” and at that moment the music changed to an upbeat tempo, while all of her friends burst from the kitchen doors to begin a secret celebration.

For Christine, the first dress she tried on was the one she fell in love with. Wanting something with a timeless romance aesthetic, accompanied by her family she went to the same boutique her sister found her own wedding dress. She tried on the classy and elegant mermaid style gown over and over to be sure and each time her decision was further confirmed as she lit up the room.

Their wedding took place at the stunning Tyndale Chapel in Toronto, Canada, and incorporated the culture of Christine and Nana’s Ghanaian decent through their music selection.

Quick Facts from the Bride:
Bridesmaids Gifts: Robes, slippers and wedding accessories.
Favorite Item on the Menu: Late Night Station Poutine Bar (Canadian Eh!)
First Dance Song: Beyonce’s “1+1”

Best Memories: “Our best memory of our wedding was at our ceremony when we were pronounced to the congregation as husband and wife. The level of excitement in the room and to hear such an uproar of cheers and love was overwhelming!”

Advice for Engaged Couples: “Our best advice would be to stay focused on your vision for your wedding, be patient with each other, and most importantly to be very prayerful. Pick up supporting cast carefully and with love - our bridal party was amazing, the most supportive group of friends and family. Last but not the least hire a wedding planner!”

View the entire selected gallery by Alicia Thurston Photography here.

Wedding Planner: A Touch of Grace Events
Photography: Alicia Thurston Photography
Videography: Gamada Ali
Ceremony Venue: Tyndale Chapel
Reception Venue: Embassy Grand Convention Center
Hair: Bride's Hair - Michelle Arthur of Arthur Hair
Hair: Bridesmaid's Hair - Esther Tutu of Hair by EStylez
Makeup: Philippa Frimpong of Beauty by Philippa, and Amma Dapaah of Class-A-Makeup
Event Design: Covers Couture, and R5Events
Florals: Indra Tan of Plush Flowers
Vinyl Dancefloor: Designer Dancefloors
Cake: Mavis De-Souza of Cakes by Mavis
Calligraphy: Doris Wai of Love Lettering
Chair Rental: Detailz Chair Couture
Vintage Rentals: Kathie Barone of Southern Charm Vintage Rental
Transportation (Rolls Royce Phantom): RSVP Luxury Limousines
Wedding Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero
Wedding Dress Salon: Elisabeth and Beau

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