Classic Hollywood Themed Engagement Session in Atlanta

Some may think the days of falling in love with someone you met as a kid may be gone, but Erin and Jonathan are a part of the lucky ones that did. They met in church as teenagers and remained friends until Jonathan went off to college and they lost contact; ten years later, they reconnected via Facebook. After that first message they began talking every day until their first date, which was also their first time seeing each other in a decade. When they met, it was as if time stood still, “We held hands the entire time like we haven't skipped a beat, like we've always been lovers.”

For their photo shoot they wanted a classic Hollywood theme that showed off their fun personalities, they worked with CJ and Colby Photography to take glamorous shoots at the place that he popped the question and around the streets of Atlanta. The couple looked like they stepped off right out of Tinseltown as they dipped and kissed their way around Atlanta, we hope their wedding this August at The Piedmont Room coordinated by Snazzy Events is movie magic! 

How They Met

Jonathan and I first met when I was 15 and he was 16 years old in church. We quickly became friends and wanted to spend a lot of time together. We were nothing more than friends at that time, but I think we would both agree we had a little crush on one another. After Jonathan graduated from high school and went off to college, we slowly lost contact. We went 10 years without seeing each other, but later we found out that we lived close to each other. Jonathan and his frat brothers would come down to Alabama State very often, but I would never see them. After 10 years of not seeing each other, after both of us moving on with our lives...on one May afternoon I hear a "ding" from my phone telling me I have a new Facebook message and its him....I almost crashed my car with excitement! I couldn't believe my old friend, the guy I had a crush on was sending me a message...and I must say after that message we talked every day after.

Your First Date

Our first date was a movie date; I was so nervous and excited! This was the first time I was laying eyes on Jonathan after 10 years...I must say- he was still very handsome! We held hands the entire time as if we hadn't skip a beat, like we've always been lovers. That night was the beginning of a wonderful relationship!

The Engagement Session

It was important that some of the shoot take place where we were engaged and we wanted to get all dressed up and pretend we were old Hollywood stars for a day; we really had a great time. We walked the streets of downtown Atlanta and held a romantic date. CJ and Colby Photography let us be free birds for our engagement session.

Looking Forward to the Wedding

To marry the man of my dreams, to become Mrs. Wallace!


Photographer: CJ and Colby Photography
Wedding Planner:  Snazzy Events



  1. Tracey

    I know Erin personally, she was my first roommate (now BFF) in college. These pictures are soooooo adorable! I’m so happy my friend is happy! Great job CJ & Colby Photography! -Tracey


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