A Classic, Radiantly White Wedding in New Jersey

Classic with a touch of glam.  That was the look Event Planner and Designer, Cassandre Snyder, executed for her bride, Laureen Gage. The bride wanted a wedding that truly represented her, her fiance Terrance, and everything they love.  "We love the look of all white…clean, timeless, elegant, and Cassandre made it just that."  says Laureen.  During the reception, guests enjoyed delectable food, timeless decor, and non-stop entertainment by DJ Select of Scratch Weddings who provided the perfect mix of Reggae, Soca and Zook music.  To incorporate a bit of Laureen's St. Lucian heritage, guests were gifted St. Lucian treats hand delivered from St. Lucia by her grandmother.  "The planning process was so fun and the day was so magical," says the bride, "we wish we could do it over & over again."

This wedding was originally featured in the FW2013 Edition.



Wedding Description

Our wedding was a true representation of all the things we loved. Good food, beautiful people, lots of dancing and tons of fun. We picked our venue because of the amazing food. We'd eaten there a few times before our wedding, so when it came time to book, it was a no-brainer. Additionally, it offered such a clean space to let our imagination run wild. We told our planner, Cassandre, what we wanted and she made it happen. We loved the look of all white with touches of royal blue and gold -- clean, timeless, elegant and Cassandre made it just that. The planning process was so fun and the day was so magical, we wish we could do it over & over again.

Wedding Style

In my every day life, I like to always have a look of clean & polished with a touch of glam, so for my wedding, I didn't stray too far. I knew from the moment that I tried on my gown that it was made for my body type. The bling & the detail is what I loved most, so it was important to incorporate that with my hair, my shoes and my make-up. Classic, timeless, elegant and GLAM!

Incorporation of Culture

I'm from St. Lucia and if you know anything about us Islanders, we LOVE our music! It was important that our guests had a great time, so we selected a DJ from Scratch Weddings that was what we consider, an EXPERT! He played the right mix of reggae, Soca and Zook music. The dance floor was packed ALL NIGHT! Additionally, my sweet Grandmother, who traveled from St. Lucia made special St. Lucian treats for us to share with our guests. So a trio of sweets was boxed and left at every place setting as favors. Our guests loved them so much that I don't think any of the boxes made it out of the venue!

Most Memorable Moment

Seeing each other for the first time was like magic. Terry hadn't seen my dress at all, so I was so excited for that moment. We chose for our first look to place near the water. There was a long walk and a huge crowd and all I could see what his back. The moment I tapped his shoulder & saw his face, tears came streaming from both of our eyes. Because of our jobs I am used to seeing him in a suit, but to see him in his tuxedo and to see the look on his face when he saw me was a moment that I will never forget!

Loving You is So Easy

From the Groom...Terry says I wear my heart on my sleeve and that I always come from a place of love in all that I do. And that's one of the things he loves most about me.

From the Bride...The way that he loves me. All of me. My imperfections and all....


  1. Wedding Websites

    Wow Such a Beautiful Wedding.. Both are Looking Beautiful.

  2. Jina

    Gorgeous!!! If you don’t mind me asking, where are the bridesmaids dresses from? Designer? Thanks so much.

    • Tanya

      Our dresses were from the Noir collection by Lazaro. They were perfect since the looked good on everyone’s body type

      • Jina

        Thank you so much Tanya! I appreciate it!

  3. Judith Rae

    Gorgeous details Cassandre!!! Beautiful couple and beautiful photos!

  4. Max

    A very beautiful couple… beautiful wedding party, too.

  5. Cynthia

    The bride and her mother were so pretty ?
    A very beautiful couple… great wedding party?
    Love the table details,Love The bouquet?love your gorgeous wedding gown!


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