College Sweethearts have Sentimental E-Session in NJ: Onyi + Onye

Who says young love doesn't last? Onyi and Onye met in college while attending an African American Student Association meeting at their alma mater, Seton Hall University. When they were introduced by mutual friends, they didn’t know that they would embark on a 5 year journey of love overcoming long distance, personal tragedy, and much more.

Now these college sweethearts are looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. They will be celebrating the resiliency of their love this fall in two amazing ceremonies.  Their traditional Nigerian wedding will be held in Boston, MA, followed by an American church wedding that will be held in New Jersey. Before heading down the aisle, they decided to have an engagement session at two places that were important to them. Shot in the area at which they first met, South New Jersey. Then Carnegie club which has an intimate, sophisticated and romantic feel.  Tayo's Creations captured this charming and sentimental e-session.

Bride to be: Onyi Ngobidi
Groom to be: Onye Chukwuma
Engagement Session Location: South Orange train station, South Orange Library and Carnegie Club
Wedding Date: 11/07/2015
Wedding Location:  Newark, NJ


How They Met

It was in September of 2008 that I met the love of my life, Onye Chukwuma. We were college students attending an African Student Association meeting at our alma mater, Seton Hall University. As he prepared to graduate in the spring of 2009, I was a junior and captain of Seton Hall’s ASA dance troupe.

Simply mesmerized by his charm, I asked a mutual friend of his and mine, Nana-Ama, to introduce us. During our first conversation, he mentioned returning from Nigeria that year. We are both music buffs, so I asked if he had any from Nigeria that I could use for our next dance routine. We exchanged numbers, but I never used his music!

5 years later, Onye and I are still together and have overcome long distance, personal tragedy, and much more. Now we looking forward to 50 plus years as husband and wife.

The Proposal 
On Saturday, July 19th, 2014, Onye wanted to spend the weekend in the city so he booked us a night at the Ritz Carlton down in Battery Park. Once I got to the hotel, Onye asked that I come up to the suite because he was already checked in. So I did. When I opened the door I was amazed by how beautiful it was. It was so huge and luxurious and the view of Statue of Liberty made it even more grand. Onye stood by the window that overlooked the Statue of Liberty.

He asked that I look through the telescope next to him for a better view of the statue. I did, but couldn’t see anything. I looked up at Onye as he held a small black box in his hand and said "You know I love you right?" I started getting hot and anxious. He then got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said YES.

The Engagement Session 

We had two different looks and locations. We wanted to shoot where we first met which was South Orange, NJ. We picked the train station because we always commuted into NY for our date nights and my weekend trips to Hoboken where he used to live.

We chose Carnegie Club for our second location because Onye loves hanging out there after work. We also enjoy hanging out at places that allows us to get a little dolled up and intimate. The shoot allows you to see how we’ve evolved from college sweethearts to life partners.

Their First Date

Cliché but our first date was on Valentine's Day. We literally stayed in, ordered takeout, and watched movies. This allowed me to get to know who he really was. Although it was not your typical first date, it was special because Onye made me feel comfortable.

Favorite Thing to do as a Couple

Onye and I are very much into international films - Indian and Nigerian films especially. We enjoy spending quality time together and traveling. First trip together was to Atlanta and we had a blast! We were able to walk around midtown Atlanta and saw some of the city’s famous landmarks. My favorite part of the trip was when we dined at Sundial Restaurant. At 723 feet above, we was able to capture a breathtaking 360 degree panorama view of the Atlanta skyline. We’ve enjoyed trips together as boyfriend and girlfriend. But certainly look forward to traveling all over the world as husband and wife.

Wedding Planning

Planning our wedding has been very eventful. There are two to prepare for: the traditional Nigerian wedding, which will be held in Boston, MA. And American church wedding that will be held in New Jersey. The help and support of both families and our friends has been extremely instrumental in making the planning process possible. For that reason alone, we are forever grateful for the loved ones in our lives.

Looking Forward to the Wedding

I am looking forward to it all. But more specifically, to seeing his reaction as I walk down the aisle. I secretly want to him to cry because that’s how beautiful of a bride I am going to be!


Photography- Tayo's Creations
Videography- WeddingPix
Makeup - Sisi Nike

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