“A ‘Chance’ Encounter” – Courtney and Chris’s Luxurious Rooftop Wedding in Cleveland

A "Chance" encounter... One can never truly know what life has planned for you. Seemingly at any moment you can find yourself crossing paths with your future husband or wife and be none the wiser. For Courtney and Chris this proved to be true, sitting across a lunch table at a dental conference, unaware that just a few months later they would become the most important part of each other's lives.

This luxurious rooftop wedding features inspirational elements of the 1920s, in reference to the glamour stylings of the Great Gatsby. The pale rose, diamond, black and gold, color themes are beautifully balanced, and the logo dance floor is a charming touch.

Read all about Courtney and Chris's love story, endearing proposal, and wedding experiences - photographed by MunaLuchi Coterie member Rhea Whitney.

Bride & Groom: Courtney & Chris Chance
Occupations: Dentists
Wedding date: 8/27/2016
Wedding location: Cleveland, OH

Tell us how you met: Chris & I actually met "twice". The first time we met was at a dental conference in Baltimore back in July 2011. We went out to lunch with a large group of peers from various dental schools and Chris sat directly across the table from me. Apparently we all had a great time, however, I don't recall any encounter with him. We met again 3 months later in Vegas for a another dental conference in which our dental schools sent us as representatives. I was boarding a bus to tour University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine when I hear a voice yell "Courtney... It's me Chris Chance." As I slowly turn around and give that "I'm sorry but I don't you" expression he strolls up to me, explains how we met in Baltimore, and request that I sit next to him on the bus. He declared that he would make sure I never forgot him again and he was right!

Tell us all about the proposal: Chris proposed to me on the first day of Spring, March 20, 2014. I was preparing to go to a job interview in Cleveland since we would be moving there in the summer. I came home from residency to find a dress on the bed with instructions to get dressed to go out to dinner. I thought nothing of it since I was in scrubs and we had earlier discussed going to my favorite Thai restaurant. When I came downstairs, to my surprise there was flowers, champagne, and a candle-lit dinner with my favorite food ordered in. Escorted by our dog Marvin, Chris came into the kitchen expressing his love for me and proposed with the notion that he did not want his lady interviewing and explaining her relocation as someone's girlfriend. He got down on one knee and presented the ring which had been carried by our dog which I was holding.

Describe your wedding dress. What was wedding shopping like for you? I found my wedding dress at Bridal Reflections by chance. I had scheduled a trip to NYC with my step-Mom and two of my bridesmaids to visit Kleinfield. I was skeptical that I would find a dress on this shopping trip because I had looked at so many dresses already and didn't find one that I liked. To pass the time prior to my appointment I decided to visit Bridal Reflections. All it took was trying on 2 dresses at "BR" to find the one. The designer Stephen Yearick was having a trunk show so I tried on his dresses. The first dress I tried on I really liked because it was off the shoulders and had a detachable skirt train, which was important because my mother's wedding dress had a detachable train and I was obsessed with her wedding dress. My entourage did not care for that dress but it caught the attention of the designer. Out from the sea of wedding dresses he appeared and requested I try on a dress of his choice. I knew the dress he chose was the one by the reaction of my loved ones. Their smiles and tears of joy made me feel beautiful and that was the exact reaction I desired from my dress. Seeing the dress in the mirror I loved everything about it; strapless, sweetheart neckline, mermaid cut, and entirely beaded...it had everything but my detachable skirt train. The designer heard me reference the train and designed a train and matching straps. He even added a jewel piece at the closure to my train that I call "my little nugget" which I plan on turning into a bracelet. My dress was everything I ever could have imagined and more. Truly a one of a kind design.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? Breathe and stay true to yourself! Planning a wedding is very stressful (as we all know). Take things day by day. Make a timeline but don't freak out if you fail to stick exactly to it. Everyone from your parents, to your bridesmaids, and even your co-workers will want to express their opinions about your wedding. So remember, the day is about you and your mate, if someone doesn't agree with your wedding vision, so be it.

Describe your wedding style. The theme for our wedding was timeless glamour. I love the Great Gatsby and the 1920's due to its glitz and glamour. I did not want to do a full theme Great Gatsby wedding but I wanted to incorporate subtle elements like our CC logo, designed by my husband. That logo was incorporated everywhere... on the programs, the menu cards, the screens outside the reception ball room, and even on the dance floor. A lot of aspects had that vintage Gatsby inspiration, the hairstyles of the bridesmaids and my own, the bridesmaids' dark lipstick, the champagne with a blackberry served as guests arrived, feathers, the F. Scott Fitzgerald quote written outside our cocktail venue, my accessories, etc.. In addition, I love getting dressed up and attending galas. I desired a wedding reception that was much like a gala. Women in gowns, amazing ballroom, and nice food. I didn't serve a wedding cake to keep with the gala feel. Guests were served individual mini cakes of chocolate raspberry ganache or red velvet.

What is your best memory from your wedding? Seeing my husband-to-be for the first time at our "First Look." It was just magical. The suspense leading up to tapping him on his shoulder, the expression on his face when he first saw me, the entire moment was so full of emotions. That time together was everything; it was the only real time we had alone just to enjoy "Our" day!

Rhea Whitney Photography - Photographer
Florist/Designer/Planner: Brenda Kucinsk
Venue: Metropolitan @ The 9 Hotel
DJ: DJ Warren Peace

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