Creative Congolese-Western Inspired Atlanta Engagement Session: Lucie + Lance

He was an American western cowboy and she was a Congolese queen. Even though the magnificent sunsets and glaring moons and stars that shone in the majestic night sky, between them stretched miles apart, it could not separate the love they had for one another.

The concept for this creative Congolese-Western inspired Atlanta engagement session was taken from the couple's individual ethnic backgrounds. Lance is Caucasian from the United States and Lucie is from the Congo. They came up with a fun western cowboy/cowgirl theme at the Atlanta Horse Ranch, but with a cultural twist by wearing Congolese traditional outfits. They also concluded the engagement session at night with a romantic scene at the scenic Atlanta Stone Mountain Park. The sky was filled by a gorgeous sunset during the session which was symbolic of their love.

How They Met

Lucie and Lance met in Atlanta and became friends before establishing a relationship. They have been in a long distance relationship for two years cherishing every moment when they saw each. They would travel between Texas and Atlanta twice a month and they made it work. Lucie says the main reason their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship is because it was built on their faith in God. Prayer and bible study was one of the great things they did together while they were friends and then it naturally carried over in their relationship. It was the foundation that strengthened their courtship.

The Proposal

One of the most romantic places for a proposal could be the location of the first date. Especially if it was memorable. For Lucie she did not see it coming. She thought it would be just another lovely day in Atlanta with Lance. But he turned a distant memory into a prominent one that would bring tears of joy to Lucie...

"He proposed at Sky View in downtown Atlanta (our first date location). I didn't see it coming. It was just like any other day. He told me he had a free ticket for a ride to Sky View. He wanted to take me with him. At first I said no because I was tired but he was adamant that I come. So I decided to go with him. We got there and were waiting on our turn to get into the ride. We got in and he became so nervous and started saying a lot of things regarding family, kids, and me being a mother to his children. Then he got on his knees and asked if I can marry him. I remember I was shaking and crying and hitting him on his shoulder. Then I said the big YES!"

Anticipation of the Wedding

"It has been so busy for both of us but God has been so great! We have a wedding planner and she is taking care of everything. SO FAR EVERYTHING IS GREAT! I'm looking forward to seeing my fiancee for the first time during our "First Look"! Also seeing my close friends and family all dressed up and (hopefully) having a good time. Lastly, I can't wait to say our vows!"

With their faith in God and a great and fruitful future ahead of them, those endless and timeless sunsets on the ranch they witness, will bring them closer in the life they will build together. We at Munaluchi wish this couple all the best on their future wedding and we cannot wait to see the wonderful pictures!

Lucie and Lance are set to wed in Atlanta on September 26, 2015!


Hair/Makeup: By Divine
Photography: Fotos by Fola

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