Designer Spotlight: Jump the Broom In Style with Marayah’s Creations

As the leading authority on bridal inspiration for discerning brides of color who crave culture and style, we are committed to continuously showcasing that brides of color are creative, stylish and truly unique. In addition to this central objective, we have decided to introduce a new section called Designer Spotlight. Through this section, it is our pleasure to introduce you to extremely talented designers of color who specialize in creating the perfect wedding dress, accessories and bridal products. We intend to give them a spotlight where they might not otherwise have one. We hope you enjoy!

Marayah Lane is unique - and she knows it. Content with thinking out of the box and providing accessories and products that are uniquely hers, she's paving her own way with her company, Marayah's Creations. We caught up with the wildly creative designer to discuss her designs which include customized wedding brooms! How unique is that?!

I would describe myself as a .....

passionate person who loves life, dancing, various genres of music; browsing bridal and home décor magazines; wine tasting; lounging with my daughter; and horsing around with my teen son when he’s in nice teenager mode. :) You can usually find me at the giving end of a motivational quote or a plethora of giggles. And yes, I absolutely love designing. It gives me joy.

When did you become interested in designing and crafting?

My grandmother was a very talented tailor; she used to create wedding gowns and added each bead and rhinestone by hand.She embodied real talent and there was much to learn from such a talented woman. I began with Barbie doll clothes, and continued to dabble with crafting as a hobby from time to time over the years: adding glitter to an old vase or splashing paint on an old canvas to change the look of a living room. Although I didn’t approach designing as a business concept until several years ago, I always allotted a certain amount of time for creativity. Once you create that platform, you give your dreams a place to manifest.

When was the idea for Marayah's Creations born and how long has it been in operation?

I started 7 years ago. When gift giving, I began to present gifts in gift baskets in lieu of gift boxes and bags. The gifts were always well received. My gift recipients loved the tulle wrap, oversized satin bows and little details I added to each individual item included in the basket. For years, I did it as a hobby and finally began offering my ideas to colleagues and via online web store.  Years after I opened my web store, which didn’t generate much traffic, I was exposed to Etsy. My introduction to Etsy occurred around the same time my business was transforming from a gift basket business into a wedding décor and accessories boutique. Etsy was the perfect place to showcase my designs.


You have chosen a very unique area in the bridal design industry in that you have chosen to design wedding brooms. What inspired you to go in this very unconventional direction?

 A friend was getting married and she asked if I could create a wedding broom for her special day. I agreed to try my hand at it, drafted a sketch and there my first wedding broom was born. She was ecstatic and said it was the most exquisite wedding broom she ever laid eyes on. I enjoyed creating that broom and realized that there was a need in the market for custom brooms. My creative juices flowed into overload and I’ve designed them ever since. They were not one of my best sellers at the time, but I loved making them so they remained on my product list. One thing I love about wedding brooms is their versatility. A custom wedding broom is the perfect addition to any wedding from an intimate garden affair to a swank ballroom gala. The design possibilities are endless.

When you design wedding brooms, what inspires you enough to create designs that are varying and unique?

There is something special about a weddingkeepsake that is hand crafted and even extra special when it is designed withthe bride and groom in mind. Every wedding is a work of art that is representative of the couple. There is a level of exclusivity that comes with a custom design. I vow to make no two designs exactly alike; I am dedicated to uniqueness just as an exclusive wedding designer will never create two events exactly alike.  Even if my designs are one day offered in brick and mortar store, no two will ever be exactly alike.

You also create and design other bridal products for the discerning bride. What are other Marayah's Creations products?

At, you can find a few trendy pieces such as the ‘Leave ‘Em in Awe’ crystal faux gift box centerpieces. Great for wedding couples that opt for non-floral centerpieces. I also have my classic pieces such as my wedding broom collection. My newest broom ‘Bezeled and Blinged’ is entirely handcrafted with an array of elements that dazzle and shine such as Swarovski crystals, rhinestone buttons and more. My ‘Endless Summer Luv’ collection includes beach-inspired flowergirl baskets, ring pillows and bridal hair adornments created with a variety of shells, pearls and crystals. And I have other creations such as eco-friendly bouquets, flower girl baskets and so forth.

In Winter 2012, I will offer 3 new designs, one of this is 'As One’. ‘As One’ is achord of three strands that represents God, husband and wife and it is braided together during the ceremony to represent God being intertwined in a marriedcouples’ life. It is inspired by the scripture Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NIV), "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."

I keep my product list small and my quality grand.

Amazingly, you have a passion for and degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts. What do you hope to achieve in the hotel and restaurant industry?

Ah yes, my love for the hospitality industry opened my eyes to the world of artistic measures implemented in the world of culinary. I plan to open a venue where no two events are alike and each event will contain handcrafted elements of Marayah’s Creations. From the custom-designed table coverings, opulent chandeliers, extravagant cakes and aesthetically and palate-pleasing cuisine, each event will prove to be unique. I want my venue to infuse innovative design and trend-savvy hospitality services.

Who do you most love to design for?

Wedding couples trust me to be a part of one of the most monumental events of theirlife. So, when I take time & design everything with love, they see that inmy work & it goes a long way with them. I talk with them not onlyconcerning their orders but about their special day overall and theaccomplishments and obstacles involved with planning one of the most importantdays of their lives. I truly love my clients and am honored that they see beauty in my work. I don’t just provide an online service; I offer an experience and fondmemory. People love working with me and that instills a sense of humility thatI can’t quite place into words.

 My greatest inspirations are ..... "I am surrounded by great kids, supportive loved ones and a world of inspiration from something as small as a flower or consignment store find to as grand as a Preston Bailey design or designer wedding gown. However, when the crystals aren’t sparkling quite right, when the perfect flower isn’t in season or when I can’t seem to transition vision into design, I find a quiet place and take comfort in my greatest inspiration, God. When the thought of defeat enters my mind, His presence reminds me to be weary not and continue to walk in destiny."

Every designer must be ….. "passionate, persistent yet patient. I am passionate about what I do, that passion transcends any obstacles a designer might face. I am persistent when working toward my dreams but, in that persistence, we must display patience. Patience leads to great focus. I never look at my business as something small as I know that, one day soon, this will be my full time career.  I am a designer. I am bold enough to share my gift with others and touch lives; therefore I am a success."

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