Destination Wedding in the {Bahamas}: Michelle + Simeon

Michelle did what most women dream of: she married a chef! If romance is the food of love, Michelle will definitely have a lot of "food" to take along the journey. :) Michelle first fell in love with Simeon's great cooking, after she was introduced to his place of work by a friend. While receiving compliments from Michelle's friend on his culinary prowess, they all stuck a friendship. The friendship soon transitioned into love.

Their lovely Bahamas wedding was photographed artfully by Lyndah Wells Photography.

Bride: Michelle Reckley
Groom: Simeon Brendford Hall
Wedding Date: 01.05.2013
Location: Nassau, Bahamas

How He Proposed ..... "One night, we were talking in the parking lot. He was sitting in the driver's seat and I was outside. He usually would say, "We should get married..." and I would always say "We should!". This [particular] evening, he came out and stood next to me. Then, he started to get down on one knee and said, "I've got to make this fast  because when I go down, I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to get back up!" Then, he asked me to marry him. I laughed and told him, "Yes". The next evening, he gave me my ring. He folded a dollar into a make-shift ring and placed it on my finger and that was it. We were engaged!"


Planning the Wedding ..... "We planned for a wedding ceremony that would allow us to share our special day with those we care about. We had 50 or our closest family and friends dine with us after the ceremony. I had an amazing planner, Freda Madrisotti, that took care of everything. I have to admit that I thought this would be something I could do on my own, but my father felt that I was keeping him out of the loop, and he hired Freda. Thank God! I would never have had the time or opportunities to handle all of the details the way she did. From floral to food, everything was executed just as Brenny and I wanted because of our planner and the input of family and close friends. The most challenging thing was deciding how to accommodate everyone; but once we decided on an intimate reception, we were able to invite everyone to our ceremony. It was important to us both."

Theme & Details ..... "Green is my favorite color, but I didn't think green would be strong enough for a January wedding. So, I went for red. It's bold and rich. It was difficult to find the right dresses online, but I went into one store and found exactly what my girls would wear. It sounds silly but I went with the #1 for everything: the first dress I tried, I bought; the first bridesmaid's dress was the right one; and first invitation and program [samples] were what I chose. I went for a beautiful after-Christmas wedding. The Christmas trees were still up in my church and we had wonderful red carpet and some red decor to enhance the girls' dresses. It was a bit vintage and traditional. It was amazing."


{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "He knows that I support him. One of the things he always says is that he's never had or known support like this before. It's important for him to know that whenever he needs me, I'm there. And no matter what he decides, we're in it together."

She loves ..... "He's so caring and thoughtful. I get flowers at work for no reason at all. He loves me and is [always] thinking of me.  I don't have to guess how he feels because he's not afraid to show affection."


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  1. Jennifer


  2. Roni

    What a gorgeous bride! Her makeup was flawless!!!

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  4. Lyndah Wells

    Thank you so much for featuring Michelle & Simeon:) It was an honor to be the photographer for their wedding day.

  5. Chelsea Bond

    Absolutely gorgeous and the bride is glowing! Beautifully captured :)

  6. Glenn

    Always enjoy Lyndah’s work and these pictures of Michelle & Simeon’s Bahamas wedding demonstrates the high quality of her work.


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