Disney World Anniversary Shoot

Reginald and Timedra's best friend knew all along that they'd be a good match for each other. Their friends knew that they'd be a good fit for each other even though they were very opposite in some ways. Timedra was a freshman and Reginald was an upperclassman but intertwined in the same groups of friends, in the same locations, and never met. Who would have known that their best friends would have been right?!


How They Met

Timedra and Reginald met at Tuskegee University, while on a blind date. On their first date, Timedra talked Reginald's ear off, while at the movies and told his friend that she was the most talkative person that he'd ever met. From that date on, the two of them have been inseparable. After college and almost 4 years of a long distance relationship, Timedra and Reginald were finally brought together just before their wedding day.

Wedding details?

February 16, 2013 / Timedra and Reginald were marred at RiverMill Event Centre in Columbus, Georgia

Wedding memories:

Timedra and Reginald and both have different memories about their wedding day. Reggie says that his most memorable moment about their wedding day was seeing her for the first time. Timedra's most memorable moment was the laughter throughout the day, from the ceremony to the reception. Both of them loved the music choices they used that told a story of how they felt about each other. They had the time of their lives with their friends and family!

Favorite things to do as a couple:

Some of Timedra's and Reginald's favorite things to do are to watch New Orleans Saints football. They also love to to spend time with their friends, find new experiences, and spend time at home together. They consider themselves to be a very simple couple. Some of the best times in their marriage have been watching their favorite shows.

Advice for newlyweds:

The best advice they can give as a couple is to keep God first in everything, keep it fun, keep it private, and never stop dating.

Inspiration for the shoot:

The shoot was inspired by their around their one year anniversary trip to Disney World. When a sports team hits a milestone, where do they go? Disney World and they wanted to do the same. The two of them wanted both casual and formal pictures to represent both of their growth and the big kids they were inside. Due to an extreme cold front, Timedra and Reginald did the shoot where they were most comfortable; their home. They wanted to capture Atlanta in all of it's beauty so they chose the beautiful Piedmont Park. Despite 20 degree weather, their photographer gave them their vision of the sites of Piedmont Park. Timedra says that shooting with the photographer was so much fun and moments were captured of how the two of them interact as a couple.


Photographer: Unique2Chic Photography

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