Dr. Lesly’s Wedding Advice: Engagement Party – Over the Top or Not?

Guest post by Dr. Lesly Devereaux, Personalized Wedding Officiant & Pre-Marriage Counselor | Wedding Bliss Ceremonies

Over the Top or Not?

Engagement parties speak to the personalities of couples. They can be simple or "over the top" depending on what you as a couple want to accomplish.  As you begin to plan your engagement think about the following:


An engagement party is a time to publicly share what you experienced privately, your complete joy in committing forever to one another. It is a time to bring families from each side together; to introduce friends who might be included in the wedding party and to celebrate your love.


This might depend on tradition verses non-tradition.  Tradition says, parents of the bride host and pay for the engagement party. But there are couples who choose to go the independent route, they plan and pay for their own engagement celebration.


If you are planning to have a complete wedding with ceremony and reception be
mindful that the same guest will probably attend both. You want to give your friends and family enough time in between both celebrations. Plan your engagement party no later than three months after you officially become engaged.


Your engagement party can be anywhere, it depends on your budget and the atmosphere that you choose to create. If money is not a major concern you might want to rent out a banquet hall, wine vineyard, country club or a restaurant where everything is provided. An alternative is a backyard party, pool party, barbecue or picnic.  This might be labor intensive but the cost should be lower.

Over the top or not will depend on your budget and how big or small you
decide to go.  Planning is everything, so get started!

About Dr. Lesly

I am an ordained, licensed minister who goes above and beyond to help you create the most unique, loving, and personal wedding you have ever dreamed of. I am happy to share my years of experience as a former judge who performed many civil ceremonies in the courthouse and as a minister who has witnessed beautiful brides walk down the church aisle.  I would be honored to help you create a blissful wedding ceremony for your special day. 

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