E-Session by Keith Cephus Photography: Lenee and James

When you are out with your partner and strangers come up to you just to comment on how much they admire your chemistry, you know your bond is strong.  This happens all the time to Lenee and James. The couple met years ago when Lenee reached out to James for advice on starting a business. Now after an incredible 20 years of love and friendship, these destined lovebirds are getting married. Keith Cephus Photography captured their undeniable love in their e-session, which was inspired by the couple's theme song, "At Last."  Finally, it is Lenee and James' time and we couldn't be happier for them.  Can't wait to see images from their wedding!

How They Met

Lenee’ was on a quest to seek advice for starting her very own business at a local mall. While speaking with a business owner, she was suggested to walk over and introduce herself to James, another business owner in the mall. For a few weeks they spoke about business, but as time went on they decided to go out on their very first date. It didn’t take very long for the love affair to begin. For the first 3 years, they saw each other every single day starting from their first date. This love was destined to follow its course. They had such a unique love that strangers would often stop them in restaurants and on the street just to comment on the connection and chemistry that they seemed to share.

The Proposal

On January 1st. The very first thing that James said to Lenee was: "When would you like to get married?" Lets Set the date! Let's start off this year right! He was passionate, focused and to the point..."

The Engagement Session

The engagement session was amazing. James and Lenee' had an incredible love and friendship for a little over 20 years, therefore the shoot was based on the theme song "At Last"...It was finally their time! The goal of the shoot was to hopefully be able to show their love for one another through the photo's without ever having to say a word.

Their Photographer 

Their creatively gifted and talented photographer was none other than Mr. Keith Cephus. Coincidentally Lenee' & Keith met a little over a year ago at the bridal show in Virginia Beach, VA.  A year later Lenee' stumbled across a photoshoot by Mr. Cephus for a newly engaged couple and decided to give him a call. Through that conversation they realized that they had already met a year prior. From there the magic began. "Keith is such an out of the box photographer. We connected immediately!"

Wedding Planning

Lenee' is the Owner of: Lenee' Valentine, Inc. She plans Events & Wedding for a living. The month of September is usually when her season is beginning to slow down, however this turned out to be her busiest month of the year. She was contracted to do another wedding in the same month along with a half dozen last minute events from clients. Busy, busy month... but it is still extremely exciting at the same time. James has been amazing with helping to keep her focused and balanced through all the planning.

Photos by Keith Cephus Photography

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  2. Keith Cephus

    Loved everything about this couple! Jackie, thanks for sharing their amazing story!!


  3. Samuel Smith

    What a lovely couple and story. Keith, your expertise and skills only add to the beautiful moments of your couples’ engagement sessions and weddings.


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