Edgy in Purple Atlanta Engagement Session: Tamara + Faheem

I know some of you remember the once archaic website called My Space! Your profile page was fully customizable with endless options. You could change your background, add your favorite song, and of course the tough decision making Top 2o Friend's List. The main purpose of My Space was to connect with friends mostly from your area or even across the U.S. But sometimes you never know that mutual friend you meet could actually turn into a potential love interest.


Quick Facts:

Name of Bride/Bride-to-be: Tamara Manning
Name of Groom/Groom-to-be: Faheem Koonce
Occupations: Business Analyst and Software Developer
Wedding Date: 10/10/2015
Wedding Location: Defoor Centre in Atlanta, GA.


How They Met:

For Tamara and Faheem they met as friends on MySpace in 2008 and then developed their friendship over the next two years. They both were not really looking for love at the time because they were each dating other people. However in December of 2010, Faheem volunteered to accompany Tamara to a company Christmas party. She initially did not want to go because she did not have a date. Faheem took that leap of faith, and she was glad he did. "That night changed our lives forever. We started hanging out more, we would study together (when I was pursuing my Masters), we would have dates, etc. I invited Faheem to my mother’s birthday party which was on October 6, 2012. On October 10, 2012 we decided to become an official couple."


The Proposal!:

"On July 12, 2014, we took our nieces to an outlet mall on the outskirts of Atlanta, GA. While we were walking around I kept hinting about an engagement ring. Faheem suggested that we go into Zales. He looked at some rings, and of course I was looking as well. I saw this Halo designed ring by Vera Wang and I loved it. Faheem purchased the ring and our nieces were so excited."

"On Sunday, July, 13, 2015 he called my Dad to ask for his blessing. Of course my Dad said "YES" (he loves Faheem). After the phone call we were in the bedroom and he got down on one knee and asked for my had in marriage. That was one of the happiest days of my life!"


The Engagement Session:

The engagement session was captured by our Coterie member Images By N'neka. N'neka captured the sexiness and edginess of this couple! And they looked the part in their matching purple outfits thanks to Tamara's seamstress Susan Willis. They chose this theme in contrast to the classic romanticism of their future wedding.  They also chose the interesting Goat Farm in Midtown Atlanta, GA as the location for their engagement session.


What did you do on your first date?

"I would say my company Christmas party was our first date. We had a blast, we still reminisce about this night from time to time."--- Tamara

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple?

"We enjoy working out together. Faheem is a beast of a trainer. It is hard work and while I do not enjoy the process, I love the results."

How has wedding planning been so far?

"I have really enjoyed the whole process. We did not hire a wedding planner, I knew I would do a fantastic job. I cannot wait to see my vision become reality. The worst part of the wedding planning process was the guest list for me."


Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day.

"We are looking forward to a day full of love with our friends and family. Most of all, we look forward to our wedding day being over."


Your Vendors

Venue: The Defoor Centre
Photographer- Images by N'neka
Wedding Website: www.faheemandtamara.com





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