Elegant E-Session in Atlanta Hotel

What qualities captivate you when you first meet someone? Well Stephen captured Courtney with his irresistible sense of humor and charm. Besides being comical, Stephen’s proposal to Courtney shows that he is also a romantic family man. He proposed on Christmas Eve at Courtney’s family dinner. They were exchanging secret Santa gifts when Stephen announced he had a special gift for Courtney. He got down on one knee and professed to Courtney's family that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. A celebration immediately followed with family members jumping up and down and screaming "Congratulations!!"  This handsome couple knew they wanted to have their engagement shoot at a location that exuded modern elegance and the Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta served as the perfect venue.  Courtney shares,The focus of our engagement session was about having fun while being romantic, enjoying the intimate moments."  Taun Henderson Photography perfectly captured all the intimacy and passion between these two love birds.

  • Bride to be: Courtney Meadows
  • Groom to be: Stephen Wilson
  • Wedding Date: 11/30/2013

How They Met

We met at a Christmas function but soon realized we worked in the same location. We would occasionally greet each other at work with Hello, HI, and Very BIG smiles. One day the simple Hello did not work we let our guards down and eventually exchanged numbers and slowly became the best of friends.

I knew he was the one when I could no longer resist his sense of humor. One of the many things I love about Steve is that he continuously makes me laugh. His stories are hilarious. The attraction, the laughter and humor is what keeps us inseparable. He’s my best friend. I love this guy he’s such a charmer.

The Proposal 

Steve proposed to me on Christmas Eve at a family dinner in front of ALL my family members. We were playing Secret Santa and exchanging Christmas gifts. When my Aunt called Steve’s name I looked with an attitude like how does he get a gift before me. LOL! But he Stood among everyone and said “I would like to give a special gift to Courtney.” Me looking surprised and confused at the same time; I was trying to think of all the gifts I had on my Christmas list. So I’m sitting down watching my mother open her gift and suddenly I see Steve slide from the front of the room to where I was sitting he held my hand and got on one knee with a black box. He began his touching speech with a smile I will never forget; telling me how much he loves me and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. By then I'm speechless and really nervous. He opened the box and I don’t think he could even get all the words out before I could shake my head with a big YES! We stood up and I gave him the biggest hug and kiss and said I love you so much! The funny thing is that every one of my family members was jumping up and down screaming "Congratulations!! " I think they were excited as well. I’ve always wanted to share this moment with my family. (My mother was in tears shouting, "Thank You Jesus"). I kept smiling the whole night looking at my ring feeling delighted. It has been the most memorable experience that I will never forget. The perfect proposal for me!

Engagement Session Inspiration 

Our engagement was accentuated around Contemporary/Modern elegance. We both love beautiful eye catching atmosphere that is timeless and elegant. We picked the Georgian Terrace in Atlanta Georgia as our engagement session. I absolutely love everything about this Hotel because it has so much character and it was easy for us to express who we are as a couple. The focus of our engagement session was about having fun while being romantic enjoying the intimate moments. You would say had a romantic date on our photo session.

Their Photographer

I absolutely love my photographer Taun Henderson Photography. I found him at the Atlanta Georgia Bridal show. There were so many vendors/photographers but Taun and his wife stood out from all the rest. His booth was not overwhelming, they made the Brides feel comfortable and the quality of work that was being presented was all that I wanted and was looking for. Their ideas for photos were amazing and capturing true moments that I never thought of. What I enjoyed about our engagement session is that Taun was able to communicate with Steve so he would be comfortable with the photo session. He even had tricks to loosen up the groom. From start to finish we had a great time. Of course I love the camera so every shot felt like a money shot to me.

Looking Forward to the Wedding 

Wedding day I'm looking forward to capturing all the details and hard work that we put into the wedding. The elegance, glamour, fashion, wedding decor and venue. I look forward to seeing pictures that tells a story about how much we love each other. The fun that we have together and sharing moments with our closest family and friends.

Wedding Planning Advice 

Making wedding plans is tough and challenging, but it can be fun. Most of my ideas are from Pinterest/Etsy. Pinterest/Etsy have wonderful ideas to share for any type of Bride. The only difficulties I have is sticking to a budget. Its very hard to do when you want your day to be perfect. I advise any Bride is to stay true to a budget.



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