An Elegant and Traditional Multicultural Wedding on Long Island

Famous Christian author Max Lucado once wrote, “A woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her.” Olayemi kept this in mind while she searched for a church, which would fulfill her spiritually and aid her in finding her soul mate. Soon after finding the perfect church she met Solomon, but they only shared a few smiles and stolen glances, after about a month he finally built up the courage to talk to her. They were smitten with each other from the beginning and he promptly asked her parent's permission before beginning their relationship. Flash forward four years, he planned an elaborate proposal in Philadelphia. He created a fake networking event and had her maid of honor invite her, when they arrived, she was surprised to see all of her family and friends there while he asked her to spend her life with him. For their wedding, they choose to incorporate their Nigerian culture by having two ceremonies, a traditional and “western” one, they looked gorgeous dancing in their Nigerian garb as their guests “sprayed” money on them. Their elegant and traditional ceremony took place at the Floral Terrace and was beautifully photographed by Tunji Sarumi.

Quick Facts 

  • Wedding Date: 04/19/2014 
  •  Wedding Location:  Floral Terrace, Long Island NY
  • Color Scheme: Fuchsia, silver and grey
  • Wedding Flowers: Fuchsia rose with a center blush rose. Fuchsia rose with fuchsia petals with Thai leaves.



Wedding Style

My dress was by Justin Alexander. It had a bodice with beading and silk ball gown dress with a dropped waist, I knew that was the dress after the first time I wore it, since it was a reflection of my personality.

Incorporation of Culture

Nigerian culture for our traditional wedding

Most Memorable Moment 

The room saying his vows and checking out the reception and cocktail area before the guests arrived.

Wedding Advice

Be sure to plan in advance,  focus on the marriage and not only the wedding day and use an easy wedding app for seating charts, it makes your life easier.




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