Elisha & Jose’s Romantic Palm Coast Engagement

The story of Elisha and Jose's love first began to take shape during undergraduate studies in college when fate led to them sharing a shift at work. In Elisha's words, "I felt immediately close to him..." As they continued to work together discovering how much in common they shared - those feelings continued to grow and friendship blossomed into love. More than ready to make his move, Jose asked Elisha for advice on how he should go about asking out a girl he was interested in. Soon Elisha would discover that the "girl" was her...

Continue reading all about Elisha and Jose's love story, proposal and wedding aspirations, in their romantic Palm Coast engagement in Florida.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Elisha & Jose
Engagement Session Date: 7/9/2018
Engagement Session Location: Palm Coast, FL

Tell us how you met. My Nicaraguan King met his Bahamian Queen unsuspectingly while employed for a printing and stationary company. We were both working on our undergraduate degrees, as well as working secondary jobs, as a selfless desire to assist our families. As God would have it, during the month of May we were assigned to the same work shift. That’s when the fireworks started! He introduced himself during a busy work night, and offered to assist me with closing my department. I felt immediately close to him (but cautious), as he assisted me every day. Often we shared stories about family, country, and culture. He was so endearing, somewhat shy, and within him I found honesty. We talked for hours after work, even though we were both beyond exhausted –our conversations were engaging and effortless. We shared our love for old school hip hop music, but he turned me on to bachata, merengue, and my fav… salsa; serenading my heart with his songs. A few weeks into our blossoming friendship, he starts asking for advice on how he should go about asking a woman he likes out on a date! Reluctantly, I gave him a few pointers on how he could ask “her” out. What I didn’t know was that on June 9th 2014 the woman would be me, and what Jose didn’t know was that in my heart I’d already said yes to his asking.

Tell us all about the proposal. On the third day of my planned birthday week trip to Runaway Bay, Jamaica, we set out for an unforgettable excursion day to Ocho Rios. It was our first time on the island, and we were having the time of our lives. Jose planned for us to embark on the Dunn’s River Falls climb, and catamaran afternoon party tour sailing. Upon arriving to the falls area via boat, I was a bit intimidated by the climb! However, our tour guides assured us that the 960 feet, hour long climb would be a breeze! We both braced ourselves for what I thought would be our most thrilling adventure yet! We assisted each other, while he gave me motivational aspirations the entire climb up. I gripped Jose’s hand for dear life, but we conquered the falls together. While back on the catamaran, and a few miles out on the ocean –the captain calls my boyfriend in the back to inform him of something. I am sort of tough to surprise… so I assumed the boat crew and Jose were preparing a Happy Birthday serenade. A few minutes pass and my boyfriend returns to join me on deck. The captain grabs the microphone, stops the music, and calls me up to the front. He then asks my boyfriend to join me, to confess how much he is in love with me. I couldn’t stop smiling, as he recalls how we met, our first date, and how God has blessed us immensely to have one another. Then on January 9th in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, he got down on one knee and proposed that we have one another for the rest of our lives. I was shocked, emotional, and overjoyed. Through my tears, I managed to let out a HECK YES!

How did you know they were "the one?" Elisha: "My fiancé was an unexpected gift of love. I had prayed for a mate with similar qualities, but my heart was not open to receive it! I prayed to God about him, to reveal whether he was the right man for me. When we first started dating I was guarded and slightly unsure; however Jose charmed me over rather quickly. I was so drawn to this understanding and caring man. He was such a nurturer to not just my heart, but my spirit as well. God truly answers the prayers in his time. My fiancé has really shown me that random acts of kindness can have a dynamic positive impact. Over the course of our relationship I had so many inclinations that he was “The One.” Such as, him purchasing chairs and various equipment for his hometown church, or the fact that he waited two whole hours for me to arrive our first date! (Please don’t judge me!) I could even mention how he rescued several baby ducks from a storm drain, during his morning run. Yet, I knew in my heart he was “The One” during our 3rd year of dating. We were out walking my dog, and a neighbor of mine needed help brining her ill sister up to the 3rd floor of her apartment complex. She politely asked my fiancé if he’d assist, as her sister had just finished dialysis and was too weak to climb the stairs. His first attempt at helping her out the car was difficult, as she was quite frail. My fiancé then offered to carry her up the three flights, and she sheepishly agreed. I watched my fiancé carry this woman up to her apartment, and from the balcony window I saw him praying with her. I cried and prayed for her as well. That’s when I knew this selfless kind-hearted man was my soul mate, and my future."

Jose: "On our 3rd date I wanted her to be the one. I felt a deep connection with Elisha and didn’t want it to end. And about a month after we started I knew she was the one. I was torn between if she really wanted to be with me. I stupidly decided to end our relationship thinking if it is not meant to be then everything will go back to how it was before. But every day I prayed for her to be my forever. And as God would have it. We were reconnected, and only a short period afterwards. I knew I wanted to share my life with her. I knew I wanted to do anything possible to make her happy. I wanted to know that your every request would be fulfilled. My love grew every day and still continues to do so. Though some trials have arose in the past we are able to find peace with prayer, put things to rest and move forward."

How has wedding planning been so far? We are ecstatic to start our wedding planning very soon. It all feels so surreal. We often ask each other "Are you starting to feel butterflies yet?" The answer is always laced with a smile, a kiss, and a yes. Our wedding planning has been in the conceptualization phase thus far. We have been focused on enjoying the moment of being engaged. Currently, we are starting pre-marital counseling sessions to spiritually guide us on our marriage journey. We both are very organized and I love to plan. By that same token, we have narrowed down our date, set a budget, and agreed to a guest count. My fiance is a country soul and I am a big city type of girl! As such the theme for our wedding is whimsically rustic meets modern.

Photography: Divine Goddess Photography
Venue: Washington Oaks Garden State Park

  1. Elisha T

    Thank you so much for the wonderful article! I’m over the moon excited to be featured in such a wonderful, and multicultural magazine.. where love is always celebrated,

    I am such a fan or your magazine and website! I actually attended the Love Affair Miami event a few months ago. My decorator and planner was one of the many talented vendors at your event :-)

    Thank you sincerely,

    Elisha and Jose


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