Engagement Announcement: A Legal Love Affair!


Shantia Stanley
Joshua Coley
Occupations:  Full-time Law Students
Date of Proposal:  October 7, 2011
Wedding date:  October 6, 2012 in North Carolina

Congrats to Shantia Stanley and Joshua Coley!  The lovebirds were recently engaged on October 7, 2011.  Read Shantia's Engagement Announcement below.


October 7, 2011 is a day I will never forget! Josh had been planning for this day for months apparently but I had absolutely no idea! He had gone to my hometown a few weeks before and asked my mother for my hand in marriage (which now explains her odd behavior during the weeks before the proposal! Ha!).

I was under the impression that we were going to have another of our usual date nights. With the stress of law school, we often try to make time for each other on Friday evenings. Usually we have dinner and rent a Redbox movie, but if time permits, we take trips out of town as well.

Josh had the idea to take a day trip to Charlotte, NC which is about 2 hours away. I was really tired (I had class that morning but he did not) and a bit fussy. Finally he convinced me that it would be a nice getaway so I obliged. I always enjoy spending time with him so the road trip would be worth it--I had no idea that it was about to be the biggest surprise of my life!

The entire time I quizzed Josh about our destination but as he always does when we have destination date nights, he remained silent.

We arrived at an unusual location and took an elevator to the 27th floor of a tall building. Josh and I were escorted into one of the most beautiful rooftop restaurants I had ever seen. He has always been a romantic and full of surprises so I thought nothing of his excellent choice of venue. Our seats were placed near a window and we could see all of the city. It was beautiful as the sun was beginning to set and the sky was clear.

I looked at the menu and my eyes began to cross as I was overwhelmed by all of the new and exciting foods! Josh helped me select Filet Mignon and we ordered a few other new and tasty dishes. As we ate we re-enacted a few scenes from one of our favorite movies, "Date Night" and laughed and joked as usual! (If you have gone out with us you know that we are NEVER serious when we get together!)

Once it was time for dessert, Josh encouraged me to check out the menu. I was stuffed but agreed and pondered for a moment before selecting a slice of strawberry topped cheescake. As we were waiting for dessert to arrive, I happened to notice Josh having his way with my all of a sudden empty glass of wine. At the time I thought that he was just enjoying the atmosphere. I now realize that he must have been extremely nervous at what he had planned next and had gulped down MY drink in an attempt to relax!

The waiter returned and placed the cheescake in front of Josh. In front of me he placed a large covered silver platter. I looked at Josh inquisitively and he slowly took my hand. As he spoke of the sun setting outside and the sun setting on this phase in our relationship he slowly lifted the top of the platter to reveal the most beautiful ring I had ever seen! He asked for my hand in marriage and implored of me that the next time the sun arose I do him the honor of being his fiance'. My memory from here is vague and all I recall is sending out numerous messages and making phone calls to my loved ones through tears. The entire restaurant staff showered congratulations upon us and I desperately attempted to stop my tears. I was unsuccessful as I am sure I sobbed the entire two hours back to our apartments.


Photography by J. Elite Photography


Shantia and Joshua, thanks for sharing your sweet engagement announcement with our readers and we wish you happy planning and many  lovely years together.  We are so excited for you two!

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  1. Joy

    A very sweet story. Wishing them the best

  2. Candace Steinline

    Black love is beautiful, and I’m lucky to have found this site!


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