Engagement Announcement: Two Love Birds

Bride:  Retesha Mansel
Groom:  Kene Anusionwu
Occupations:  Insurance Coordinator / Law School Student
Date of proposal:  2/14/2010
Wedding date:  6/9/12
Location: The Rosen Centre, Orlando, FL


On how they met…

We both attended the same HBCU together (Bethune-Cookman University) and had a mutual friend who insisted we met. After speaking on the phone briefly we didn't really take each other seriously. While Retesha sat in a classroom waiting for class to start Kene walked by and she called his name. This would be the first time they officially met. They hit it off instantly and fell in love



The proposal...

Kene had a 3 game road trip in Maryland the weekend of Valentines day 2010. We keep in contact via skype and phone but because of the horrible snow he was stuck in Maryland and we could not spend Valentines day together. When he returned that following Tuesday I received a knock at the door. I received two gifts, one was a dozen roses with a bear and the second was chocolate covered strawberries. I was so happy that I didn't even look at the card. Kene insisted that I open the card and once I did I instantly burst into tears. My life had changed and I was the happiest woman alive!

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  1. eisa

    I’m a little (lot) late but congratulations my fellow Wildcats!!


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