Epic & Romantic Proposal At The 620 Loft & Garden in NYC: Aimee + Jeffin

Grandly proclaiming a declaration of love to your future Mrs. is becoming a mandatory thing of the present. Proposals these days just keep getting more elaborate and more epic. Although love shouldn't be a spectacle - there's nothing wrong with getting a little creative when it comes to popping the question! And when photographer, Ryan Eda presented us with Jeffin's proposal to Aimee - we just had to share!

Jeffin met Aimee while he was a student at Philadelphia's, Drexel University (while Aimee attended St. John's University in New York) through a matchmaking-mutual friend who felt the pair would be good together. After 8 years of relationship bliss, Jeffin knew that Aimee was "the one".

"Things were going very well with us while we were dating and I just felt we were very compatible with each other. One day she came down to visit me and I just felt this closeness with her that I never felt with anyone else. I wanted her to be mine and I made it happen" shares Jeffin.

That's when he crafted this epic proposal, which took place at the famed 620 Loft and Garden at The Rockefeller Center in New York City. The day started when a limo picked Aimee up at home and took her to the venue. Leading up to the proposal, Jeffin placed two ipads outside the elevator containing videos of his three nephews adorably reenacting their story, along with messages to her.

She next went onto a trail of memories each symbolized by a picture frame with a note, and while each picture frame was filled, the last one was left blank - to be filled with what’s ahead for them. The frames were stationed along the beautiful rooftop garden and were highlighted by a spectacular view of the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the backdrop.

But the surprise didn't end there! When the pair arrived back at the hotel, Jeffin prepared their suite with balloons. And not just any old balloons, but ones containing pictures of their dearest family and friends, tied to the ends of the strings, with handwritten messages to the couple on the back. This provided a way to include their family into Jeffin's intimate proposal.

Read on for more photography from Ryan Eda, while checking out additional commentary from Jeffin and Aimee!

Couples Full Names: Jeffin & Aimee
Wedding Date: 08/19/2017
Wedding Location:The Venetian in Garfield, NJ

Share with us how you prepped for the proposal!
Aimee and I have been together for 8 years at this point and I wanted to make this special. She knew I would be proposing soon so I had to find a way to make this as secretive as I could. I set up a limo to pick her up at her house on a Friday morning. Her dad helped me out by making her take off for a "doctor's appointment."

I rented out the 620 Loft and Garden by the Rockefeller center to do the proposal. I also spent a weekend with my little cousins so that I could record a video where they acted out how Aimee and I first met. Back at the hotel, I had all her friends send me photos of them with Aimee and write a note on the back of the photos. I then hung them by balloons so when Aimee came into the hotel room after the proposal she would see it. I wanted to keep the proposal private between us, but this was a way to show all her friends were still there with her.

Aimee, what was your reaction to Jeffin's surprise?
I was so shocked when I first saw the limo pull up to my house. I had an idea what was about to happen but I was still in shock. The proposal was beautiful with all the thought he put into little details like handwriting cards that were accompanied by milestone pictures in our relationship. I didn't know he could be this romantic! Also, the ring was beautiful!

What are you two looking forward to most on wedding day?
We are looking forward to celebrating this special moment in both of our lives with all our friends and family, but most of all we cannot wait to say we are officially married and be able to spend the rest of our lives together. We both feel we are each other's best friend and soulmate and can't wait to see what the future has in store for us.

Photography: Ryan, Ryan Eda Photography
Proposal Venue: Jen & Elana, 620 Loft & Garden NYC
Hotel: Pam, W Hotel of NYC

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