Exquisite Pink Wedding at The Bridge Building in Nashville: Heather + Ryan

Heather and Ryan met when they were both 19-years-old. From the very beginning they felt a sort of cosmic connection, her birthday being February 1st and his being August 1st put their special day's exactly 6 months apart from one another, a coincidence that had them thinking their union was unique. Ryan graduated from Vanderbilt a year before his future bride and moved back to Dallas, putting life and distance between them. A few years later Ryan reached out to Heather as he'd be attending a wedding in Nashville and hoped she'd be available to have dinner. Ryan took the wedding as another sign that they were meant to be because neither the bride nor groom were from Nashville but had chosen to wed in that city. Heather happily agreed to meet him for dinner, starting the "second chapter" of their love story.

Wedding planner Leah Kutil of Elle Event Style describes the couple's wedding as a true fairy tale. And Heather's sparkling Jimmy Choo's was the perfect accessory for her Cinderella moment. "Guest entreated the romantic rooftop, city-scape ceremony location in Downtown Nashville. The ceremony aisle was lined with crystal chandeliers and adorn with a classic rose petal aisle that lead to a beautiful draped arch," Leah shares. "The guests then made their way to the first floor where the extravagant floral centerpieces took center stage, and who can forget about the 5ft wedding cake fit for a queen," she continues. Take a look at Heather and Ryan's exquisite pink wedding at The Bridge Building, and read the rest of their love story below.

Quick Facts
Favorite item on the menu: The garlic mashed potatoes. They were amazing and melted in my mouth.
Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts: Bridesmaids - Kendra Scott earrings and bracelets. Groomsmen - Engraved flask and engraved cufflinks for my father.
First dance song: "Differences" by Ginuwine

Bride: Heather Pujol
Groom: Ryan Cuffee
Wedding date: December 5, 2015
Wedding location: Nashville, TN

Tell us all about the proposal!
Ryan was having a Christmas party at his loft on December 13th so I decided to fly in town on the 11th. Well earlier that week he sent me an email from work saying he was being recognized as sales manager of the week and his company was going to provide him dinner for two at the restaurant of his choosing. I was so excited for him and was like "ok where are we going?" I just thought it was so exciting that this happened the week I was coming..still having no clue about anything. So he told me he would think about it and later on in the week he said lets go to dinner at Reunion Tower. I was so excited because I love the view from the rotating tower. You can see all of downtown Dallas. So once we get there we are waiting in the lobby for the elevator and they are like it will be a few minutes sir and I found that a little odd that we would have to wait when I know he had made reservations. But I continued to be patient and once they finally took us upstairs on the elevator we started walking to the table and the manager came up to us and said "I am sorry sir but we had to find a table big enough for your flower arrangement." So anyway, we sit down and I am like "these flowers are so beautiful, is this something Multiview provided?" Ryan's response was " I don't know." The funny part is I am a very intuitive person but I had no clue to be suspicious because I was so sure he was going to propose in San Diego on New Year's Eve.

So I am thinking the company is paying for his celebration dinner and if you know anything about where he works then you know they spare no expense to take care of their employees. Anyway, I am ordering appetizers, $20 glasses of champagne since we are celebrating him etc and he starts telling me how much he loves me. And then as he is telling me that he doesn't want to be with anyone else he keeps looking behind me and I turn around to see what he is looking at and I don't see anything and as he continues to express his love for me he continues to look behind me so I start getting frustrated and say " Ryan why aren't you looking at me as you tell me you love me?" The next thing I know he gets up walks around to my chair and gets on one knee and ask me to marry him. Of course I start crying, he puts the ring on but at first he has to push it on and was like " Heather I can't get it on." It was so cute because it was his angle of how he was putting it on. It was tough because he has big football hands and I have really small fingers. To put it in perspective my ring size is a 4 and his is a 12.5. So after he puts on my ring, we kiss and hug, and then the kicker of all this was when he said " oh and my company is not paying for this dinner." I was like " oh my goodness!!!" That was appetizers, dinner, and $20 glasses of champagne later!!!

Describe your wedding dress. How was your shopping experience?
It is a strapless couture dress by Inbal Dror. It has a detailed lace design with pearl beading and it is ivory and blush. It was purchased in Atlanta, GA from Joan Pillow and once I saw it I knew it was the one! I literally tried on maybe 3 dresses only because it was just launched at Bridal Week 2015 and had not arrived. This was in April. In July we (my father, best friend, and good friend) went back to Atlanta for the trunk show and it was there. I tried it on and instantly knew it was the one. It has a long train too and we complimented the gown with a 120ft train that had crystals in it. I loved it because it matched my Jimmy Choo Cinderella shoes that also had Swarovski crytals completely covering them.

What is your best memory from your wedding?
Oh goodness, there were so many wonderful memories from that magical night. The best memory is my father walking me down the aisle, seeing all of the smiling faces of my family and friends, seeing all of the beautiful decorations, and then seeing my husband waiting for me at the end of the aisle.

Planner: Leah Kutil with Elle Event Style
Venue: The Bridge Building
Photographer: Joe Hendricks Photography
Videographer: Chris Wheeler Films
Caterer: Infinity Events & Catering
Florist: PS Designs
Cake: Dessert Designs
Draping: Nashville Event Draping
Linen, Chargers, Napkin Rings: BBJ Linen
China, Glass, Silver, Chairs: Liberty Party Rental
Paper Products: Darby Cards
Vintage Car: Matchless Transportation
DJ: Rod Youree

  1. Mary Pujol

    This wedding was truly a real life fairy tale.

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    Beautiful. Simply beautiful.


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