Eye 4 Events Shares Why You Should Invest In Hiring A Professional Wedding Planner

Happy Tuesday! Coterie member and Event Designer and Planner, Charron Gardner of Eye 4 Events is sounding off on the blog today to share with brides why they should skip hiring their BFF's or relatives to assist in planning and hand over their big day to the professionals!

Gardner lists some serious pros to hiring a professional planner, giving brides a few important tidbits to ponder about when drafting out their wedding day budget. Read on for more while viewing video from a recent wedding gorgeously planned and designed by Eye 4 Events. This wedding also involved two fellow Atlanta based coterie members; videographer, ThomasVisionFilms and DJ Perfect of Perfect Entertainment!

Charron Gardner: Getting married and not sure if you want to hire a professional event planner vs. having a relative doing it for free? Here's why you should invest in hiring a professional!

One of the benefits of hiring a professional event planner is having the ability to trust someone to guide you throughout planning your wedding day. Most often, brides depend on their relative or best friend to lead them down the aisle and in most cases that’s all they are capable of doing; not keeping in mind the logistics or communicating with the vendors the day of, or prior to the event.

Always keep in mind, you're investing in yourself to celebrate you and your soon-to-be spouse, while creating memories that last a lifetime. At the end of the day, a wedding is considered a luxury. And, with all the money that is involved - why would you not want to hire someone with experience to execute your main event? That goes for any professional! In other words, you get what you pay for! Think about it, if your relative fails to deliver on your once in a life time opportunity, you would not want anything to do with them afterwards. At least with a planner you know when it just doesn't work for you, there's no love lost or strings attached and you can simply hire another planner, therefore no one’s feelings are hurt!

The other downside of having a relative or friend plan your event is that they may be too close for comfort. Yes, they may know you - but often when you request that something get done or for them to follow up on a task, they choose to complete it when they feel like it. And if they are consumed with other life obstacles, then what happens? They are unable to deliver! Always remember that an event planners’ brands are on the line and as event professionals we would not risk our businesses rapport. With hiring a professional event planner this could all be avoided by simply signing an agreement. Therefore, if we are unable to deliver due to an illness, natural disaster, or another issue - your event planner will have you covered by having another reliable event professional step in.

As planners, we invest time into getting to know our clients; their likes and dislikes, their needs, and wants by holding a consultation to determine if we are the right fit for you. It’s okay to shop around to see who's the right fit - but not if you are trying to price match! Remember you want quality not quantity! We put all of the key information together in your vision board, to create a presentation to determine your venue and vendors, making sure they are suitable for your needs. The benefit of that, in most cases, is that the planner has already done the work for you by establishing a relationship with the vendor or the facility coordinator. This eliminates the time it may take for you to find the right company to hire, not to mention, if we have already worked with the vendors, we are familiar with their work ethic.

Event planners are familiar with who to call at the last minute in moments of a disaster. For example, who do you think to call when the top tier of the cake falls, when you are short in linens, or overall need help period? Your wedding or event professional! As your coordinator we are able to reach out to our colleagues because we simply have a relationship established with them. Not to mention we are familiar with obtaining the appropriate permits and licenses that are needed for your event, discounts that are not available to the public, the appropriate amount of security for your event, and are aware of any extra items you may need to have for your guests in the event that you run out of something.

As planners we are your fixers, your confidants and the main person that you rely on to make it happen! So if you're considering hiring your relative or best friend, think again!

Charron Gardner is the lead event planner and designer for Eye 4 Events.

Eye 4 Events believes, “Pleasure in the job is perfection at its best!” This event planning company takes pride in creating extraordinary events whether if it’s for private affairs, elegant weddings, or corporate events and maintains every event with professionalism, style, and great poise.

Eye 4 Events is committed to providing services to their clients to make sure their needs are met while exceeding their greatest desires. Let Eye 4 Events be the leading eye for your next event and be sure to follow their happenings on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Event Planning & Design: Eye 4 Events
Cinematography: ThomasVisionFilms
Entertainment: DJ Perfect of Perfect Entertainment
Venue: The Callanwolde Fine Arts Center
Photographer: Joseph Stevens Photography
Floral: Vintage Pearls
Cake: Confection Perfection
Drapery: Elite Design
Stationery: Sandy Spells
Hair: Jill Hall
Makeup Artist: Makeup Motifs by Karonda

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