Fall 2017 MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Feature: Bianca and James

MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Fall 2017 Feature: Bianca and James
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Read all about Bianca and James' love story, romantic proposal, and experiences in their gorgeous wedding in Nashville! View the vendor list below.

Bride & Groom: Bianca and James
Wedding Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Wedding Date: March 18th 2017

High School sweethearts, Bianca and James Stone were destined to be. In Bianca’s words, “It is safe to say that I knew James would be my husband the first time I saw him...” Sharing an Advanced Biology course together, Bianca recalls how within a room full of many types of people James still stood out, “he could make anyone smile and he had a humbleness that shined through, even when he was the center of attention.” Little to Bianca’s knowledge, James was the center of attention often, even then being a star athlete, a star athlete who would eventually go on to be a professional football player - currently a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Being a year ahead of Bianca in high school, when James left for college she remembers telling him how, “I only wanted to be friends. I was not looking forward to sharing him with college girls while I was his ‘back home girlfriend.’” But James is a genuine person, having made it very clear to Bianca early in their relationship that he only had eyes for her. The dedication of James to Bianca was demonstrated time and again, driving eight hours a day just to come home for a kiss, only to return back to college for practice the very next day.

Bianca admits that, “like any other high school couple we were disgustingly obsessed with one another. When we weren’t playing sports or doing work we were professing our love to one another.” She recalls when James took her on their first “fancy date.” It was at a small local restaurant called Firefly. Accustomed to casual dining, Bianca remembers with a smile how they were “blown away by our $60 ticket.” Since then their dining experiences have grown, but Firefly was a special place for them, representing a vision for growth and new experiences. It would one day come to hold even more significance…

It seemed a date night like any other, but with the added sweet sentimentality of returning to the restaurant of their first “fancy date.” After enjoying a lovely meal together with great conversation and many moments being lost in each other’s eyes, they were making their way towards the exit. Along the way James stopped Bianca, held her close to him and kissed her with a love saturated with the memories of every moment spent together… Looking her in the eyes, the eyes of his future wife, he got down on one knee, revealed the ring of her dreams and asked Bianca to spend the rest of her life with him as husband and wife…


Wedding shopping for Bianca was an emotional moment in which she was accompanied by all of the special women in her life... “It was very important to me that each of them be present as I accepted the dress. I am very spiritual and ritualistic so i believe whole-heartedly that each heart in the room will forever keep me guarded! I knew it was the dress when I saw it. It was lace, it accentuated my best parts, it was modest enough for my grandmother, and it made me cry. It was perfect!

For Bianca and James, their wedding day was a dream. Seeing the planners and designers prepare the church the night before was a surreal sight, leaving Bianca thinking, “is this really happening, just for us…?” The excitement of seeing all of their hard working come to fruition in a phenomenal reveal completely blew them away… “The day was filled with magic! James and I were spiraled in love. Our vows to one another settled any of the nervousness we may have been feeling. We were meant to be, our day was meant to happen…”

What is your best memory from your wedding?
I'm having a hard time getting this down to one specific thing! There are two favorite memories that will stick with me for always! His vows were so beautifully written and specific to my love for him and his love for who and what I am. My second favorite memory would be that I forgot to wear my blue underwear as my something blue and right before walking down the aisle i noticed that my son had a blue bow tie. His father took him to get fitted for his tux and I told him to let our son choose the color he wanted to wear, and he chose the perfect blue!

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
Follow your heart . this is your day and it should be exactly what you want! include the people who love you and celebrate you the most! Make your grandchildren proud! Milk that coin to the last drop!

Flowers| Planning| Design: Paige Brown Designs
Photographer: Shannon Bankston Photography
Ceremony location: Ceremony: Faith United Methodist
Reception location: Hutton Hotel
Bridal gown: Glitz Bridal
Cake: Couture Cakes and Sweets
Caterer: Hutton Hotel
Wedding planners: Paige Brown Designs
Music: DJ Benji Rich
Hair and makeup: Face Fetish Makeup
Rentals/Draping/Lighting : Southern Design Works, Visual Elements, Liberty Party Rental, Nashville Audio Visual.

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